WiFi switches on automatically when the charger is connected (KAOSFroyo v38)


So when I launched my phone for the first time and blinked it with KAOSFroyo V38, I put something on that wifi will automatically turn on when the phone charger is plugged in.

Being what my memory is a shit, I completely forgot where I settled that. I tried to look in Cyanogen, ADW, and all the other parameters I could think of, but nothing.

Does anyone have a clue I could find out about? Did I go mad?

Here are the applications I have installed that would have to do with the system settings:
- ADWLauncher
- CyanogenMod
- Dev Tools
- Spare parts

- Steve

The answer

I actually looked there, but it's a different setting. My wifi is set to never sleep there.

The setting I'm trying to find in reality says "hey, when you connect the charger, I'll turn on wifi".

The fake is that it stays on after unplugging the charger, so I decided to reset this setting again.

I can not really find anything ...

- Steve