Web and mobile applications Node.js - Where to read the excel file?


I started with js node and was trying to create a web application and a mobile application too. My idea was to create a Node API, then create a web application (perhaps using Angular) and an Android application. One of the main features will be loading data from an Excel file using the web application, processing this data and then information on both the web application and the application mobile.

I do not know if this is the best way to go ... How do I send the excel file from the web application to the node API, then read the file and proceed? I have seen several node packets to read excel files, this is not the problem. I just do not know how to pass the excel from the API from my web application.

Thank you.

The answer

You should send multiparties / form data via POST. Then you can access your data in the application node.js. There is a lot of information on how to send multiparties / forms data to the Web.