Universal + WM6 supports HSDPA?


Hi everybody,

Is it possible for Universal to support HSDPA by switching to WM6?

I thought Universal could support the HSDPA just like Hermès ... My Universal was delivered only two weeks ago and I migrate my data from Hermes to Universal just now. After putting everything in place, I found this problem ...

Any suggestion for this situation ?? (I love the big screen and the useful keyboard that's why I changed from Hermes to Universal.)

The answer

The question is however whether you really need HSDPA or now. Apart from using your PPC as a modem, you should be on the safe side for most browsers browsing / downloading. The QVGA resolution of the Hermes makes the device much less usable for many things like web browsing, PDF / Office files (Excel 320 * 240 = not fun!) And ebooks. That said, the Hermes is not bad either - of course I do not get HTC's policy not to include a VGA screen in such a high-end (/ price) device. I guess it's going to be their secret forever ...

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