Universal Successor


Hello. I am thinking of replacing my old Universal with a good successor. Here in Spain, HSDPA is active so I was thinking about HTC Hermes. But I like my VGA screen. What can I do? No suggestion ?? Thaaaanks

The answer

I love clamshell devices, so the reason I fell in love with the Universal. I hope there is a successor for Universal with better specifications, especially the camera. We need a higher resolution and they have to reposition the camera on the back of the screen, instead of the bottom of the keyboard. The one in front of the screen is fine, but I prefer to take photos in clamshell mode with the screen turned in PDA mode.

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Hi all the universal owners I think a lot of us have in mind to improve the device like me .... but then there comes the question? What could be a real succesor Kingdom? We saw in the past the ultimate 7150, the HTC Omni but they simply disappeared .

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Http://www.europe.htc.com/products/htcadvantage.html This article suggests that it is: Http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2007/02..._h1_07_lineup/ Overview The HTC Advantage X7500 is a powerful mobile desktop device that allows you to work anywhere and whe

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Look at this: http://jkkmobile.blogspot.com/2009/0...as-lonmid.html And it's a real PC (not an ARM-based PDA), so I guess you can install Winblows, Linux, whatever ...! Mmmm ..... Interesting The design is not very good Good specifications A little b