Universal-2 Wish List



I have now my Universal for almost a year. It will soon be time to upgrade. It seems that there is no sign of a Universal-2 - maybe HTC will not bother, I have no idea of ​​their popularity.

The Tytn is the closest, but features a very small keypad without dedicated digital keys, its only QVGA and it does not have a full size SD-Slot.

I like the shape factor of my universal, and I can handle another phone of the same size / weight. I would prefer it to be narrower through the cooler fees, maybe to be a bit longer. Here is my list:

- panoramic screen 800x480
- External display (b / w fine) showing the time, the name of the caller, etc. etc.
- Maintain a large SD slot
- Built-in GPS
- More robust hinge design
- Better battery life
- More sturdy (click-in-click out) pen holes (like Psion Series 5 please)
- 'OK' button of the hardware
- Jog Dial, like Tytn, and lose control of the hardware volume
- Ask the backlight button to do something useful instead (turn on the camera's LED for use as a torch for example
- Snooze in standby mode when someone calls
- Access to the SIM card without having to remove the battery, or dual sim support and option in the operating system to switch the sims.
- White LCD backlight rather than flourescent aka Sony T3XP (better batt life)
- Modern and efficient Samsung processor
- No more memory - ideally 256 MB to save the installation on an SD card
- Wifi 802.11G or even WiMax if delayed for a long time!
- 6MPix camera with digital zoom controlled by jogging offering a 2Mpix image with 3x zoom.
- Ditch the aerial holes on the spine - nothing was made available that used them.
- Turn on the spine collection / stop buttons when the unit is closed and the call has been received.
- Appear as a flash disk when connected to the PC without running activation
- Keep a full-size headphone jack
- Does not require 6 months of firmware updates before it is usable

- Remove the stereo speakers on the front and IrDA if nessesary to house the above things in a compact package

Anyone else added things?


The answer

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