Vulkan and transparent windows


I am currently adapting my personal engine to Vulkan and I want to reimplement transparent windows, which I already had with OpenGL. I thought all I needed to do is to select the correct color format (with alpha channel) and set the compositeAlpha pr

Transparent Windows application


Hi everybody. I downloaded an application or a plugin about 3 weeks ago on the Apple website. The goal was to make background applications transparent when working with the most active window. I do not like it because it does not always restore a win

How to make a transparent window with Qt Quick 2.0


I already know how to make a transparent window with Qt Quick 1.0. But I recently started using Qt 5.0 and Qt Quick 2.0 and I did not know how to deal with it. setAttribute setWindowFlags setStyleSheet The above functions are removed from the QtQuick

Blur behind WPF's transparent window


I'm trying to create a WPF application with a semi-transparent borderless window that scrambles the background behind it. Here is an example of what I want to do. Screenshot I tried to use DwmEnableBlurBehindWindow which only works on Windows Vista /

Create an image from WPF System.Windows.Shapes.Path


I have a way. It is displayed correctly in a ContentControl : But I would like to copy it to the clipboard. What follows creates what appears to be a solid black bitmap of the right size. If I change the brush to white, it creates a solid white bitma

WPF Large Window Header


I have a strange problem with a large window header in WPF, dot net 4.5 As you can see, it's much bigger than usual: What influences the size of the window header in WPF and how do I modify it? The project is giant, if you need a code to watch, pleas

Transparent window using Direct2D


I have an MFC application and I want to use Direct2D to draw my custom controls. I need my controls to be transparent. I used to deceive my controls to be transparent by overwriting OnEraseBkgnd and calling afxGlobalData.DrawParentBackground . With D

Open the WPF MVVM window and close it [in duplicate]


Possible duplication: WPF MVVM Newbie - How can the ViewModel close the form? I searched around stackoverflow and I do not think the answers given apply to mine or I can not figure out how to apply them. I have a standard WPF MVVM standard applicatio