CSS is not loaded in Internet Explorer (SEC7113)


I have an AngularJS website, which works perfectly in all browsers. But in Internet Explorer (tested with version 11), CSS is not loaded at all. Error Code : SEC7113 Error message : "CSS was ignored due to mime type incompatibility" Also check h

CSS Flip Card Internet Explorer Problem


I'm trying to get a CSS rocker board running in Internet Explorer 11. I read other questions and the solution was to add "-ms" prefixes to the functionality of the smart card. I did it but in IE 11, the flipped card does not show the back for an

CSS Internet Explorer and the width of the screen


I'm trying to add a custom style for Internet Explorer only, but it must be different for different screen sizes. To target only IE I use it. @media screen, screen\9 { .site-logo{ max-width: 150px; } } To then add a browser width, I tried but it does

Internet Explorer - Opacity and PNG Issues


Applies to IE8, IE7, IE6 I have a semi-transparent PNG image as a background on a page configured to repeat, this is displayed correctly and I get semi-transparent effect. BUT, when I apply a css rule to ANY element of the page, it should not even be

Internet Explorer and web pages for mobile devices


Hello, Can someone tell me which registry keys I need to change for Internet Explorer to redirect to the reduced version web pages (for mobile devices) automatically? After upgrading to wm6, it stopped doing it ... By checking some logs on the server

Non-deterministic layout of Internet Explorer


Another non-deterministic bug of Internet Explorer. The bug only occurs in Internet Explorer (chrome, firefox, safari, all work well). To produce (see the screenshots here: If I go to with a window lar