Having problems to root my Samsung admires !!


Having problems to root my Samsung admires OK so this is my first thread and I'm really hitting for help here .. I rooted my Samsung admires using a zip file of a thread on this site and he managed to root my phone but shortly after rooting I got a n

How can I root my samsung galaxy mini


How can I root my samsung galaxy mini Hi Timpeke - welcome to the forums! Device-specific tips are available in the device sub-forums, because other users are the best to help you! Samsung Galaxy Mini (S5570) - Android Forums

I have to root my Samsung i5500


Hello I need to root my Samsung i5500, how do i do that, i looked in Google but ..... so please tell me how can i do this? tell me from A to Z Welcome to the Android forums. You should be able to find this information in Europa (5) - All Things Root

rooting problem samsung admire


HELP ME! I have trouble rooting my samsung brothers to admire. for some reason superuser is not going to install on it .. im using this tutorial a.html. can anyone help me

Root Guide - Samsung Conquer 4G


** I do not take credit for this guide, I only transmit the information! ** Here's a quick guide to rooting your Samsung Conquer 4G 1. Download Super One Click Root 2.3.1 (below) 2. Extract the RAR at the location of your choice 3. On your phone, cli

[TOOL] [ROOT APK] SparkyRoot apk root method v1.3


I thought I would re-post here because it's incredibly convenient. This is for people who want to Root on their Premiums, but do not want to bother with the Bootloader. Many thanks to SparkyRoot for posting this exploit method and at rhcp0112345 for

Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus


I acquired this phone and no normal means of rooting for Samsung devices does not work. Does anyone have any suggestions? This for the root and Cwm

Root My Samsung Galaxy GT-B5510 - Android 2.3.6


Hello boys Android, Sorry I can not find the right forum section so I hope an admin can put it there for me. I had a qeustion, I want to root my Samsung Galaxy GT-B5510 with Android 2.3.6 I tried so many things that I found on the internet and nothin

Is it safe to root my samsung galaxy note?


I had iphone4 and im familiar with jailbreaking and I did it more than once before. But I want to know how to root my Samsung Galaxy Note and is it safe or not? Anyway Im living in Egypt so I bought the international, so do I really have to root the

How to root my Samsung Galaxy Precedent phone


im new to this and i want to know and easy way for me to understand how to root my Samsung Galaxy Previous .. please help me. Many previous ROMs are built on the Boost image. There is no problem with that - you get some Boost phone numbers in the con

Can I root my Samsung Galaxy S2? Android 4.0.3


I would like to know if I could root my Samsung Galaxy i1900 that has Android version 4.0.3. If so, how could I do that? Can someone help me ??? Hello vagosvisk777, welcome to AF! I moved your thread to the root section All Things Samsung Galaxy S2 I

how to root my samsung galaxy fit ??


Hi guys... I just got a new samsung galaxy ... but I have a problem. when i try to use the titanium backup to get my applications saved from a previous fone, it is installed but shows that the phone is not rooted and that the application will not wor

Need mms.apk Samsung admires


I rooted my phone and deleted the mms.apk and of course did not save anything Now I can not receive picture messages. If someone has the mms.apk factory for the Samsung Admire (metro pcs) it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance for your tim

Instant root.apk problem when trying to root


Hi everybody, I try to route my HTC Hero (locked to Orange UK). Following instructions from jUsT2eXy: - 1) Download it. 2) Save it to your ROOT SD card (not in any folder) 3) Open a file manager on your phone (download ASTRO File Manager on the marke

Rooting the Samsung Behold 2


I have the Samsung Behold 2 and I want to racter it. I'm a complete noob, so I have no idea what I'm doing. Other people gave me links to different forums that said how to root it, but that confused me. I really want to use my phone but I need a seri