MMS software for xda exec.


Can anyone help me / tell me what type of mms software is best for xda exec? And how to get them? How to install them? Thank you! Apply for free to Get Honor's new phone Watch the launch of New Honor Phone here live> Honor 9 now available for pre-ord

Remove O2 elements from XDA Exec


Hi everybody, How do I remove the O2 software on XDA Exec. My XDA connects to t-mobile but drops the signal and continues to search. After a reset, the connection is re-established on t-mobile. I had a push email set tup, but I binned it to see if th

GPS software compatible with XDA exec


Hello, Does anyone know any GPS software running on XDA exec (Windows Mobile 5) and BT338 GPS without problems. Tomtom and navigon do not work without a lot of inconvenience. Just after a solution that may offer a navigation perhaps with a voice. cor

Is there a fax software for an Xda Exec yet ?????


Hello, can anyone advise me where I can get a fax software for an Xda Exec please ???? I heard a rumor that it can not be done, used to use truefax on my JAM with a separate orange data line ... but only once, to see if this could be done.

Will my PPC software work under WM2005 on XDA Exec?


Hello, I consider having an XDA Exec. At the moment, I use a handheld with Windows Mobile 2002/2003 for Pocket PC, and it is full of software, applications and games. I'm afraid that if I had to get an XDA Exec, I would miss a lot of adorable softwar

Freezing XDA Exec after the software upgrade


Hello, I hope no one else has asked for it - I looked, but I found nothing like it. I have an XDA Exec, which I have tried to update the software today. Since I can not turn it on. I leave the O2 screen with red writing and that's it. No amount of so

O2 Software - XDA EXEC


Hello, How can I remove the O2 software on my XDA EXEC? Best regards K.Dougie Hands on the Honor 8 Pro> Apply for the free phone of honor> Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software issues that we expect>

O2 Xda Exec - comment - now on Tekguru


O2 Xda Exec - review - first two coins now on Tekguru: Part 1 Material Part 2 - Applications Mm Like many people, I was expecting this price (£ 229 max) and not £ 399 (I even The catalog ahead Of

XDA Exec [Philippines]


Hhhmm ... yeah guyz! When do you think XDA Exec will be here in the Philippines? I'm afraid it's delayed, as is the XDA IIi, which has already been released 2 months before it's available here ... Do you think the Philippines will have it as soon as

OS X with XDA Exec


Yes, I'm sure you already think I'm an idiot trying to sort this one. Basically, I bought the XDA IIs about 3 weeks ago, but it would not break down. It was so bad it would fall almost every hour, even if I did not do it. Meanwhile, I bought a softwa

XDA Exec ..... just returned mine!


Hi everybody, I received my new XDA Exec last Friday and today (Tuesday) I just made it! I'm not here to try to influence someone, but if you have not bought it yet, you might find it useful. Then it's up to you to answer ... I had 6 PDAs up to now,

Tomtom 5 will not work with xda exec


Someone knows why Tomtom will not work on mt xda exec, i know you said use cab files, but how do you do it help you please help Win an honor 8 Pro! > Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software problems we've been w

O2 XDA EXEC Essentials


Hello, I agree with my phone the November 20 and I intend to get the O2 XDA EXEC. As I am lokingto gert a PDA as well as a phone, this device looks the best of both! I travel a lot in my work and I want to be able to use some navigation software like

XDA exec and BT338 GPS


Hello I have problems with my receiver xda exec and bluetooth gps bt-338. Whatever options I choose, I can not get the GPS or TomTom software to see the communication port that I have installed the GPS during setup. Everything I get from the drop-dow

Which version of Outlook comes XDA Exec?


Quick query: Is the XDA Exec shipped with Outlook 2002 or 2003? Did you know that it would be cool to use the photo contact option without having to pay an upgrade in 2003 (what cheapskate!) Fin Watch the launch of New Honor Phone here live> Hands on

Looking for an unlocked XDA Exec to use in NL


Hello, I currently have an MDA Pro, locked to T-Mobile, but with a T-Mobile subscription, so I'm not really in a hurry. However, I finally want to have an XDA Exec instead of my MDA Pro, because I prefer the black design to the silver design (taste m

O2 Xda Exec - HELP!


I ran through some of the previous threads - and I just wanted to make sure ... I want to buy the O2 Xda Exec, but since I spend a lot of my time abroad - the question of unlocking the SIM card is CRITIC to me. O2 vendors are not sufficiently informe

Free XDA II or XDA Exec? (Hypothetical question)


This is a hypothetical question. If you could have a free XDA X or an XDA Exec free, what would you choose and why? Jasjar is better. I had both, but I never took it to WM2005, but had 2003SE. The overall functionality of the software is about the sa