Twitch overlap scroll bar bug


Hello, I was watching a feed on twitch when I pressed a bookmark by mistake, immediately I pressed the "x" to stop it and then back but then it started. I had double scrollbars on twitch, both thin twitch a and also firefox, I tried to clear the does not work with FireFox Beta for Android


Never worked with any of the beta versions of Firefox. All videos display the NO video with the supported format and the MIME type found. Error Will that be resolved? Note how it is Firefox Beta It is likely that there are bugs. Many site p

[Mac] Firefox locks up while loading


Hello, I use the latest version of FireFox on Mac and most days I use, the site will stop working and requires a Force Quit. This happens every time I scroll through the pages and the site has to upload videos. I tried to uninstall and rein

Firefox very agitated (especially watching twitch)


Firefox has been lagging behind me for a while, I can not really remember when it started. It gets much worse when I have youtube videos / / many other video streaming sites, as well as when I open a lot of tabs. None of this seems to be a

Firefox HTML5 is late on youtube and twitch


I am temporarily using the Intel HD4400 integrated video and I have problems of "slowdown" while watching the high quality html5 video on youtube, twitch and especially the trailers on the imdb. I never had any problems when I used the normal ma

Because twitch no me funciona in firefox?


I can not google chrome a firefox hace poco y todo well, pero por alguna razón that desconozco does not reproduce twitch videos. Simply the video queda the pantalla in negro not to reproduce there. The answer has appeared on Adobe Flash Player, mia c