runtime error, invalid procedure call, or argument


The code was below worked properly up to two days back, but suddenly started to give the error runtime error, invalid procedure call, or argument I run this code on excel 2016 (windows7). The statement that has the error is as below: With ActiveSheet

Warning: Invalid argument provided for foreach ()


I create an application that uses the MailChimp v3 API, I send a request to retrieve all the lists, then Iterate on this table and then iterate on the inside tables to retrieve each individual identifier and add them to an array . It works perfectly

Invalid seller warning when flashing rom


I have an Orange SPV M3100 unlocked using imei-check. I flashed the phone with the Dopod ROM recently without any hassle but I wanted to try the I-Mate rom. However, after I flash, I get the warning "Invalid Provider" and something like "Th

[Error: XPI invalid] and no details?


I do an add-on from Firefox and zipped it to an XPI file. I drag the file to Firefox and I click install. But it did not work so I open the developer console. This shows an error: WARN | Invalid XPI file WARN | Failed to download the addon file: ///W

Invalid fix: failed type check for prop


I have created a countdown with Vue.js but I have trouble showing the values ​​I receive. I have two components and I have read Vue's single file component guide but I do not seem to understand what I'm doing wrong. In the console, I get the followin

Elixir Protocols in Erlang & a strange warning


I wanted to write something like ((IStringer)object).ToString() (in C #) in Erlang. After some studies I learned that Elixir has something called Protocols that looks a lot like the C # thing (backwards). Then I came with this idea / code to Erlang -

VNC on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS


I have a Mac running OS X 10.11.6 and Ubuntu EC2 instance running 14.04LTS. I'm trying to get VNC to run KDE from my Mac. XQuartz launches, but I do not have a keyboard or mouse on KDE. Port 5901 is open in my EC2 security group. Here is my /etc/init