Ringtones and Media Volume more LOUD


does anyone know how to get louder volume for ringtones and media player? Thank you OK all values ​​in HEX. Playing music through the speaker is almost full strength in the CSV VF, at FEC9, so there is no way that can go any louder. The audio during

ringtone and notification volume after reboot


I had my amazing 4g for a month. All of a sudden now when I restart my phone the volume for the ringtone and the notification go so low that you can not hear it unless you put the phone to your ear, I set it to high. I have to go to the setting and s

Poor Ringtone Volume


Well, I received my N1 today and I was warned of the beauty of sight and restraint. The disappointment is soon settled when I set up a ringtone. The volume is quite low and I'm not sure to keep or return the phone. This is not wrong, it's just that t

volume of ringtones


Hello, can anyone help me ... how to increase the volume of ringtones. The volume msg is strong bt when I set the same tone as the ring, it is very slow ... what I do to increase its volume ... Thank you! You know, you can actually use the full words

A stupid question: alarm volume level?


Is there a way to set the volume level of the alarm? It does not match the notification volume level or the ring volume level. It drives me crazy. While you are in Alarms-> Ringtones, press the volume buttons on the side.

Link Volumes to Ring Volume


I am looking for an application that will connect all volumes of telephones (media / system / etc) to the volume of the ringtone, except the volume of the alarm. I need alarm volume to always be at maximum, so I want it regardless of that. I used to

Volume of the speaker, how do I do this?


Hey guys, I did some research, but it does not seem to have been able to find the answer I was looking for. How do I mount the earpiece volume of phones? (Ie the speaker at the top of the phone between the flashing lights for incoming / outgoing call

Ringtone to your Cell Molski ROM


Hi guys Does anyone have any problems with the volume of the ringer? I installed the new Molski 2.26 ROM and Ringo. But after a soft reset, the phone only rings twice, then low volume. Are there Ringo fights or is it on the new ROM? Thank you Rust I

Reg key / value for the volume slider?


If you press the volume slider or click the volume icon and change the volume of the phone ringtone or general volume (?), My Assistant will usually click on the volume level that I select. On my "test" Wizard it makes no noise, but I know the s

Ring volume, SCHEDULER settings?


Is there a time scheduler that we can use to define ringtone types and volumes per hour of the day and day of the week? I do not want me to look at my calendar to see if I'm free or busy because I schedule my work team on my calendar but I would like

Ringtones - frustration. Help / advice please


Hello, I have had several generations of HTC devices, and I never really understood the ringtones / vibrations / ring volume. I had high hopes that WM6 would have sorted the mess now (my last PDA was WM2003). What I really want from the phone part of

Set the volume higher


Is there a place on w Charge that you can set the volume of ringtones? The volume is too low. Also, for use as a phone, can I adjust it to be higher? Increasing the volume each time I receive or make a call is a PITA. TIA Critter Go to settings, soun

how to increase the ring tone and hands-free volume?


Hello... My Qtek S200 ringtone and handsfree volume is low ... I edited the following registry key but only the volume of the headset increased: HKLM / software / HTC / AUDIOGAIN ... HEADSET_UPLINK_VOLUME (I put 20) RECEIVE_UPLINK_VOLUME (I put it to

Solved phone volume problem


Hello! I love my diamond, but it has a big problem - I could not hear it in noisy environments. I realized, that the bad sound is somehow related to the AudioPara3.csv file in the Windows directory. I did some tests with this file and whoaaa ... my p

AudioManager Pro - Notification Volume Problem w SGS2


I have always been using AudioManager because it links your ringtone and notification volume (so they stay the same volume). I just installed it on my SGS2 last night, but that does not seem to overload the factory notification volume. Does anyone el