Access the VBA query


I searched the net how to execute a query in Access using VBA and SQL and come up with this. The general idea is that the value selected in the combo box should execute a query based on the selected ID for example. The user selects a company with an

MS ACCESS 2016 - Query Criteria Using Null


please help, I'm stuck on the following problem: I have a table in MS Access 2016 containing the following data: Field No No No 21 21 No my goal is to return records that are equal to 21 when my criteria are 21, but if my criteria are for example 22

Access the VBA Simple SQL Selection Statement


Coming from years of web development where the PHP and SQL instructions were so simple, this recent task that I have been forced to undergo with MS Access and VBA is absolutely in my opinion how complicated it is for SQL statements. Remember that I h

Run the stored procedure with an output parameter?


I have a stored procedure that I try to test. I'm trying to test it through SQL Management Studio. In order to run this test, I enter ... exec my_stored_procedure 'param1Value', 'param2Value' The last parameter is an output parameter . However, I do

Pass a query to a parameter [Access 2016]


To shorten a longer story: I am an access noob, making a quick and dirty conversion of a massive Excel spreadsheet into an Access database. Part of the requirements is to replicate some of the functionality of Excel, in particular by extracting data