The ringtone resets to 'Windows Default' by itself!


I put a small midi ringtone file (originally a Nokia ringtone) on my JasJar, same ringtone I've been using on my PDA2k for a year. The problem is that after a while, probably a couple of calls, the ringtone seems to reset the "Windows Default" r

How can I reset my Windows server password


How can I reset my Windows server password. I use the google cloud computing engine and try to reset the password to connect to my server. I tried using Google SDK Shell but I do not seem to be doing anything right. You can use this command to change

Finder continues to reset my window view


I do not like the sight of the column, and I never want to see it. But invariably, the Finder will place my Applications folder in the column view from time to time. Maybe every other day, it will reset. Is there a way to stop this permanently? Troll

Roms, Hardware Reset, and Windows Mobile.


Hello, I am looking for more information on the distribution of memory between storage and programs. I do not quite understand how a hard reset is equivalent to a reinstallation, and how it works. Is there a website or book with more information abou

Resetting the Windows Mail Account


Recently I have set up my Windows email account. I have falsely changed my settings to use yahoo mail more. I need information to set up a new e-mail account. Thank you! Hello, Most email providers have online instructions to set up Windows Mail. You

Motorola Q9H Hard Reset


Hi guys, I had a quick search in the forum here and I could not see it published, The q9h of my leader does not start, so I had to imagine the hardware reset function with the keys. In case, anyone needs it: Disable Device Hold down the "E" and

Windows Media Player for Motorola Defy


Hello. I just bought a Motorola DEFY and I need Windows Media Player .... can you help me? Thank you Welcome to the Android Forums! Need Windows Media Player? Unfortunately, this is a Windows application that is not compatible with the Android operat

Windows 8.1 File Backup Before Factory Reset


It seems that some major changes have occurred in Windows 8.1, especially on how files can be backed up for a factory reset. Normally, I made a backup of all personal files with "Windows Easy Transfer" and then format the operating system to a b

The error code for Windows 800700C1 updates.


OT: Update failures. Unable to receive updates Windows 8.1 32 Error code 800700C1 Updating the troubleshooting device does not help you Any advice will be appreciated Thanks TaurArian There was no corruption detected. You still can not receive update