Motorola Droid Custom ROM Problems


I have been disturbing my phone for quite some time and I reached a road block that I can not quite understand. I previously and successfully put JRummy, Cyanogen and Bugless Beast on my phone, but suddenly out of nowhere, nothing works. I try to put

Devour Custom ROM


Does anyone work constantly to get a personalized ROM on the devourer that will improve it towards 2.2+? and how much work is there? I am willing to help if I can do something. I understand AdB commands and I've read enough to understand some things.

Customized roms. Why and to whom


So I played a little with the droid x at the store. While I think there are some annoying things about Motorola Blur, I look like the camera and the gallery. I see several customized roms, but I also saw a lot of skins for each rom. If you are rooted

Will this phone be easy to create customized roms?


Motorola and Samsung, both major manufacturers, both try to make it very difficult for developers to create customized roms. HTC, a smaller manufacturer, tries to attract customers by NOT, making it more difficult for developers to create roms for th

Custom Roma for Moto Citrus?


Hello everyone, I searched for days, searching for google on google search, forum forums, even youtubed. I can not for the life of me find a custom rom for the motorola citrus. Yes, I know it's not a popular Android phone, even the Motorola site does

How to root Milestone2.2.1 and install custom ROM


I am from India.I have an Italian Milestone version that is officially updated to 2.1 and now to 2.2.1.I want to root it with Superoneclick and install GINGERBREAD ROM custom.Who ROM is the most suitable for my phone - CynogenMod7 7.1.0 -RC8-11.05.31

Sentiment rooted. Am I ready for a custom ROM?


Hey everything, my atrix is ​​my first Android phone. I managed to send my iPhone 3g into the infinite recovery loop after jailbreaking, because of the frustration with that, I went back to a blackberry for a while. Ready for something better, I boug

Can I fix my crazy phone by launching a custom ROM?


Hello forum, I hope you can help me with a problem that I have with my original Motorola Droid. A few days ago, my phone started to be funny when I tried to open various applications, for example, the settings opened Browser, the screens popped up an

How to Flash a custom ROM! (AND ROOT!)


Flash a custom ROM - Motorola Droid - YouTube If you look at this, you probably have root access on your Motorola Droid. If it's not rooted, please watch my tutorial here: How to root Droid (2.2.2) - YouTube ****************************** ROM Downloa

For Sale: $ 50.00: Motorola Devour w / Game Gripper


Buy | Sell ​​| Trade ..For sale . Device / article (s) ..Motorola Devour . Price .. $ 50.00 . Delivery included? ..No . Payment options ..Pay Pal . Condition ..Good: Device in good shape - no or missing accessories (USB cable, etc.) . Additional item

Creating custom ROMs - Is this possible without UNIX?


Hello, other XDA users ... I was wondering if there was a way to create a custom ROM without using a UNIX machine. If not, would anyone be prepared to prepare a ROM for me? Thank you in advance! Mast Hmm. RomKitchen without Linux? I think you can als

Creating Custom ROM for XDA II


Hello, I would like to know how I would like to create a custom ROM for the XDA II containing this: ROM O2 1.60 Radio Stack I-mate 1.72 Thank you PS Is it possible to create your own rom with any application you want via Windows? Create any combinati

Motorola Devour: Does it work with Android?


Get used to it. A new handset is disclosed / widespread. There is not much information, but its existence is known. The next logical question becomes - Does Android work? This is what we are asking about the Motorola Devour which has managed to cross

Rooting without Custom ROM


I plan to buy a Droid and plan for the root, mainly for tethering. From what I read, it seems that everyone root installs a custom ROM, but I would like to keep the user experience stock, just with the addition of attachment, for now at least. Is tha