Motorola plans to exit wireless networking business


they separate the company. Manufacturing of wireless telecommunications equipment is sold on Nokia Siemen's Networks. Does it concern one of you who just bought the Droid X? I was just wondering. Thank you! In my opinion, this sale is for Motorola to

Motor step on the 3g network


Will a milestone motorola run on att 3g network? I wanted to use it on mobile t, but the phone lacks the frequency 1700, and it seems to have frequencies att 3g I just got my milestone this week. It does not support the AT & T 3g network. I also had

How to lock on the network?


Hi everybody. I want to lock (do not unlock!) Motorola Acer phones on the network. Who can help and advise. Manu thanks for your ideas. Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software problems we've been waiting for> Ha

3G on XDA?


Hi everybody, Sorry if this seems a boring issue but ........ I have an XDA1 and I wonder if I can use it on the 3G network? If not, what about the XDAII? My current phone is a Motorola A920 using the 3G network but I had become accustomed to my XDA

Watch integrated videos on i1


Hello friends, I have a customer who has the Motorola i1 on the SouthernLinc network, and he tried to open videos on his phone. He only tried to open embedded videos, such as on and, but is getting an error message when he tries

How to Stop Running Startup Services


Hello, I was wondering if I could somehow get rid of some running services on my phone? I am specifically talking about motorola widgets such as social networks and news that work even when I have not registered. I do not think I have cleared my ques

Telus Stage Update


Hello, I apologize if this is a stupid question, and I can not find the answer anywhere. I received a notification last night on my Motorola Milestone on the Telus network (Canada) that I was receiving an update. I accepted it, and now about 15 hours

Idea to make faster for all parties


I had the idea to unlock Motorola devices on the Verizon network continuously since all companies have begun to float. I thought no one would search or listen, so why not worry about it. It starts to feel that the locked bootloader / starter may neve

[ROM] RubiX Blurry and Focused RubiX by drod2169


that's what I'm talking about [ROM] TWO ROMs ?? This guy is crazy! - Droid Forum - Verizon Droid and Forum Motorola Droid drod2169 said: First of all: rubiX Blurry: Release Notes: Blurry 0.3: Based on 2.3.15 (ota) Completely disconnected, delimited,

[ROM] rubiX Blurry 1.6.3


Drod has released the new version of its rubiX romur, 1.6.3. I copy and rest his article on I have not tried it yet because I'm still stuck on her roms without ardor, but I hear good things. Link to the original article: RubiX Blurry

Handcent - do not show in Android Market


Using a Motorola Milestone on the Telus network. I can not find Handcent anywhere on the Android market. I see the plugins and the font packs, but the application itself does not show up when searching for "Handcent" on the market. This is one o

Which applications can I safely remove from Photon?


Sprint likes to ship with too much bloatware. Now that my phone is rooted, there are about 270 files in the system / app folder. Is there a definitive list for the Photon of what each app is, what it does, and what happens if removed. I saw lists for

HTC Sensation 4G vs G2x-Which is the best?


Ok, after a search here for this topic, it has been over 45 minutes and it still continues without result found. So, I'm sorry if it's a duplicate message. I am a current user of BB 9700, without the data plan. I am looking to upgrade and get either

no 3G on the devourer


I need help! I have a motorola devourer on a prepaid network, it runs on Verizon but will not get 3G or a signal most of the time. I'm frustrated, this phone is a pain. Can someone help? Welcome to AF, I hope you enjoy the site, if you need something

Motorola Droid on Verizon Network


I have for sale a Motorola Droid for Verizon Network configured as follows: Droid phone - used 3 months. Excellent Condition Clean ESN OS updated to 2.01 Comes with a box, discs, cables and original booklets Verizon Media Dock in Original Box Motorol

Motorola Atrix 2 network speeds


Hi, guys I am an OG Atrix 4g user, and I was wondering what kind of speeds you get with the Atrix 2. In my OG Atrix I constantly get 4-6mbps and 7mbps when I run the test late at night, exceptionally for rush hours when I get 1-3mbps. Just post what

Not registered on the network!


Hi everybody, I have a G1 on T-Mobile in the UK and it's a great phone. But I seem to have a problem with him. I get up often and when I check my phone, it lost connection at some point during the night. And if I try to make a call, it says "Not regi

Motorola 'MotoFlash' from Motorola


Here are some filtered images of devices that Motorola is working on for 2009. One Codenamed 'MotoFlash', could it be the Motorola device to run Android? Full article here: