Tweakster - MortScript


Has anyone looked at TWEAKSTER for TREO. Looks good but as I know nothing about a TREO, maybe someone can take it to Der Kaiser? "MortScript: Tweakster, BETA Available I do not know anything about

27 "LED cinema screen, no brightness control


I have a 27 "LED display LED that has Mini DisplayPort cable and I am plugged into a 15" MacbookPro with a lightning port. When I go into System Preferences, there is no brightness control or the ability to turn off the automatic adjustment of t

The brightness continues to rise and fall.


Hello, For some reason, the brightness of my macbook pro continues and goes hand in hand. I have never had this problem before, and the keys are not blocked. Does anyone know why this happens or how to fix it? Thank you. Grant Do you mean that the br

Slow Brightness / Volume Adjustment


A very strange problem. Used to be a very fast adjustment, but now, when I add the volume or brightness of the display, it slowly rises one setting at a time? Any ideas on how to solve this problem? Macbook core duo Mac OS X (10.4.9) 2BG RAM, 2.0 ghz

Is the main light of Ministack bright?


I have external mercury discs pro classic and aluminum quad and the blue lights in front of them are too bright for the room where they are located. I need the room to be as dark as possible. I plan to return the quad for a ministack. I do not have m

Brightness adjustment problem


When I start my iBook, it shows on the screen the level of brightness and when I move the iBook, it turns off and when I add the brightness using the F1 and F2, the brightness is automatically adjusted to the level Maximum each time I add. I think so

Diagonal green line in the bright areas of the video?


After installing FCS 2.0, I noticed that some of the project clips had diagonal green lines in the bright / bright areas of the clips. Also I see periodic symbols that look like warning signs or correct signs such as an exclamation mark in a yellow t

Monitoring brightness


For some, MON MONITOR has become quite dark, not bright as it usually is. I got it back for a short session yesterday doing a recalibrate, but I can not get it back today. I have a new Dell Inspiron with a flat screen ST 2010. When LCD panels do this

Brightness level question


I use EyeOne Display 2 to calibrate my monitors. On the brightness it shows a recommended setting of 120 for LCD. I have a 23 "ACD. What is the ideal brightness level for precise color work? The brightness (luminance) is something that changes depend

Display Brightness / Clarity


The XDA screen has struggled in daylight, I hope this will be improved. The brightness on some iPaq is supposed to be "blinding", all new on the XDA II ... Good to see now the normal color screen of 64k. This will help a lot to eliminate things.

The brightness of the screen changes to zero


Someone else finds that some software can drag the screen brightness down to zero, so you have to go through the settings and drag it through several irritating clicks. I'm not sure what the software does Regards, Mike It happens sometimes. I think I

Automatic brightness control


I was wondering how everyone was adjusting their brightness: I compared my Hero with my wife's iPhone at home last night and the hero was much lighter in comparison because of the automatic brightness. I turned it off for the first time and I increas

Widget level of brightness


Hiya. Can someone recommend a Widget for the level of brightness that I can add to my home page? CurveFish does one, but it does not seem to be running on Hero at the moment. Thank you I just wanted people to know that I just released an application

Widget of brightness control that works for Hero?


Is there a brightness control widget that works for the Hero? I turned off the automatic brightness as it sucks. But the brightness widget I see on the market, a commentator below says it does not work on the hero ... and it's an automatic return but

Adjusting the brightness of the screen automatically


Until now, my screen was set to automatic brightness. First, +1 to those who reported in other threads that the screen looks even better when you turn on and turn the brightness all the way through. But my question here is why, on the automatic brigh



How to adjust the brightness and contrast of an XDA screen? When you use 2002, there is a program called EZTWEAK that allows you to add Contrast to your configuration folder. I think it's a register that changes since Contrast seems to be already on