How to modify EJB JNDI bindings in WebSphere Liberty


I have an ear application that is deployed on WebSphere Liberty 8.5. The application includes an EJB module in which I declared some EJBs. My EJBs are declared as follows: public interface MyEjb... @Local public interface MyEjbLocal extends MyEjb...

How to Find EJB Using JNDI in WebSphere Liberty


I am trying to search for JNDI name using Liberty Application Server. However, it throws me a problem of dependency injection. Attached is my code I receive the following error: [ERROR ] SRVE0319E: For the [com.airline.controllers.FlightDetails] serv

RxJava in Liberty Profile: is it supported


I'm trying to build an EJB application right from the start. which has many Async calls. RxJava seems to be a good choice because it is a good semantics on error conditions and delays (hopefully) Is there an example of an application that uses RxJava

javax.naming.NameNotFoundException while ejb lookup


I migrate an ejb application from weblogic to jboss. The application searches for ejb using jndi. I have ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml in WEB-INF / below jboss.xml DataAccessEJB HeatMapDataAccessJNDI HeatMapDataAccessLocalJNDI PMSessionFacadeEJB PMSessio

EJB and CDI test framework


I'm looking for an alternative to the Arquillian frame. The main problem was to create the Shrinkwrap Archives (mainly due to cyclic dependencies). Do you know of other frameworks that support contextual dependency injecting and EJB testing using JBo