Java client-server interaction with NIO [closed]


I want to use Java NIO for client-server communication. Multiple clients must connect to a server. Clients send a serialized object. The server deserializes the object and for example sends an integer to the client. Can someone quickly show how I can

Java - client-server clock


I am a little stuck on a problem. I have a client-server application in Java, where multiple clients can connect to a server. Now I have a cyclic operation, which gets the current time (corresponding to my ClockTask on the server side). But I do not

multiclient Java client server


I am tryinna to write a multiple client server conversation. Everything should work on the same computer, each client in the console of the different shell terminal. I read some threads on this side, where people said, that I should run a new thread

Java client / server socket


Hi I am trying to get some data about a socket client connecting to a mutltyreaded server process in the same machine. The server thread is triggered correctly and the ip client is recovered ok, but I can not seem to be able to send a string through

Socket Java client-server


I have to build a server and a client in Java. The server opens a connection on port 18163. The client connects to the server and establishes an X number, the server sends the "guess" message, the server receives the message repeatedly tries to

Java client-server application [closed]


I create a Java-based application (a very small one) that downloads web pages based on the URL the user enters. Now the application does, but only displays the source (HTML / JavaScript). How do I view web pages directly? Short answer: make it. Long

Unable to Start Java RMI Server and Client


I'm new to Java RMI. I tried to start a simple example of basic java RMI with eclipse. But I can not start the server and client code. Help me to solve this problem. Server code: package in.rmi.test; import java.rmi.*; public class MySe