HTC TyTN vs HTC HomePlug


Hello, I have read so many messages about this nice little plug-in, and I've found a couple that seems to have exactly the same problems as me but no solutions / aswers has been posted. I hope someone here can shed light on my ignorant mind. I have a

HTC Tytn II Three UK, cooked?


Hi, I wonder if nyone can help you, after firt tytn II passed on the highway !! after only three weeks !!! (do not ask) got my replacement, and before I start to customize it, I found wm 6.1 is available, I tried RUU_Kaiser_HTC_WWE_3.28.405.0_radio_s

Need CLEAN WinMo 6.5 rom for my HTC Tytn


Hello, this is my first post. I bought a SPV M3100 (HTC Tytn). This is my second WinMo phone with touch screen (the first was Eten x500). I unlocked it (SIM and SuperCID). I saw here some ROMs of WM6.5, but they have moded. I want a CLEAN version (or



I am using the HTC TYTN II and is considering switching to the Android HTC Magic. I'm looking for the Android platform and I'm impressed with that, hence the movement. I'm really right after a few reviews on the handset of people who have one, and wh

Is there a website that sells the new HTC TyTN?


Hello : Is there a website that sells the new HTC TyTN? In the past, I had links to a German site that normally sold htc devices first ... Thnks in advance, Luis Hands on with the Honor 8 Pro> Honor 9 now available for pre-order in the UK for £ 379.9

HTC TyTN - Some Questions, But Essential!


Hello, I hope that my HTC TyTN will be delivered weekend. Foreword some questions, but essential (sorry, if misplaced here but there is not yet something like a HTC Hermes group): 1. Green Monitor Screen Some of you like it, I was a little shocked. A

HTC TyTN AD2P Issues ...?


Hi guys, I have the MDA Vario with Mr. Clean Rom and the new HTC TyTN. Both are paired with my Jabra BT-620s stereo headset. (Not at the same time) With the HTC TyTN, I have only hickups while playing a simple MP3 from memory. The MDA-Vario plays mus

Need HTC TyTN (Hermes) ROM


Hello, Can anyone download a ROM in English for HTC TyTN or send me a link for it? Tried the dopod rom, forgot to save, and now I want my old back, or maybe a more recent one. : | Honor 9 now available for pre-order in the UK for £ 379.99> Watch the

The HTC TyTN / Hermes A2DP ...


Hu Guys, I have an HTC TyTN and I can not ensure that the A2DP works properly with the Jabra BT620s headset. My ROM versions and other details are listed below in the sig. If all other people who have problems with A2DP on their Hermes device, post t

Brodit HTC TyTn etc. Holders are now on sale


Hi guys, Just to let you know that Brodit has released the following TyTn holders: Passive supports, portrait 848690 and landscape 848691 (with exposed keyboard) Active Porters -Portrait 968690 & Landscape 968691 inc. Lighter charger Active Molex Mou



Hello, I am discussing by purchasing a HTC TyTN or a DOPOD 838 PRO. I know they are more or less the same machine. But I wonder if anyone who has tried at once, or searched, can give me an insight. I read a lot of problems for both. Which of the peop

HIDE / SHOW ExtROM on HTC TyTN (Registry Tweak)


Hide / Show hidden ROM (at least works on my German TyTN - ROM) Showed: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ StorageManager \ AutoLoad \ EXT_FLASHDRV] "Bootphase" = dword: 00000002 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ System \ StorageManager \ Profiles \ EXT_FLASHDR

HTC TyTN Rom update available (15-08-2006)


HTC sent me an email 5 minutes ago to tell me that a new ROM update has been made available: Updating the HTC TyTN ROM v1.18.255.106 WWE HTC TyTN ROM Update v1.18.254.104 Dutch I will soon follow the WWE version Hello, I would like to flash my orange

Prophet (M600) or HTC TyTN, which I have to buy.


I just sold my XDA IIi, now I prefer a smaller size like M600, it's only £ 30 / M for a 12 month contract, of course, the phone is free, but many have said the CPU was too slowly. In fact, I want to use it as gps ... Should I go for the HTC TyTN? Wil

ORA Car Charger for HTC TyTN


Dear All, I found the car charger mentioned in the item on, but before I order it, I would like to understand if it works with the new HTC Tytn. Is there anyone who bought this accessory for Tytn to report to me:?: thank you very much Ci

HTC TyTN (Hermes) from German to ENG ROM


Hello. I have HTC TyTN (Hermes) and I need to change the rom from german into english. Pleadings help me. Where can I find the rom? / Martin Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software problems we've been waiting fo

O2 UK GPRS / WAP / MMS Setting for HTC TyTn


Hi people, I just received my HTC TyTn today and thought I would post to say it's great! Both small and pocket as the Exec, 802.11G and a very smooth keyboard. In addition, and more importantly, I found that the O2 Settings CAB of my old XDA EXEC wor