Frequent breakdowns on the new MacBook Pro 2017


I have frequent crashes on the new MacBook Pro 2017 (kernel panic). What can I do? UUID anonymous: 34CAFEE9-8A98-EC00-0695-19835A1B77B7 2017 *** Panic Report *** Panic (cpu 2 caller 0xffffff800afff3dd): Core trap to 0xffffff800b26cd6b, type 14 = page

MacBook Pro 2017 - Multiple trackpad problems


I had my new MacBook Pro 2017 for a few weeks now and I have experienced several trackpad problems. First, a small perspective. I also have a mid-2014 in my studio and for my personal machine, a former mid 2010. The graphics card in 2010 started to f

IMac G4 / 800 17 "What can I do in 2017?


Hello, I inherited one (iMac G4 / 800 17 M8812LL / A). What can I do in 2017? It's NEW in the box with all the accessories? He came up with OS-X Tiger and Snow Leopard. What's going on? Can I continue as a computer every day, or is it just an antique

NetRestore 2017 MBP


Hello, I have a MBP 2017 for which I was expecting Apple to release 10.12.6 so I could update my image on a version it would load (because its minimal build was higher than I could update my image) . It was released last week, I updated my image and

IMac 2017 3 TB Fusion Boot Camp slow Performance IO?


When running Boot Camp Windows 10 Pro on my new iMac 2017 with 3T Fusion drive, I suffer from very slow and low performance. It almost seems like it could be a pilot problem but I'm not sure. I have installed Boot Camp support software and it all wor

Enable HyperVisor Bootcamp Macbook Pro mi 2017


Hello, I am a mobile developer and although I have to code for system three, I am currently coding specially on VisualStudio on Windows. I made a Macbook Pro mi 2017 (i7 7820hq, amd 560pro, 512gb pci-e), and I made a bootcamp partition with Windows 1

Apple Pay does not work on MacBook Pro 2017


Hello! I have configured on my MacBook Pro 2017 with Touch Bar, Apple Pay and Authorized Safari to pay on the Web (Authorized Websites detect Apple Pay configured) But, I can not use it, I try to buy on Apple Web Site and Deliveroo and do not show th

High resolution HTC_ime


A high-resolution version of HTC_ime was released. This works well on the Droid and N1. Voice input also works. Still type of buggy in landscape mode. [Download Link] I just downloaded that earl

HTC_IME v10 available (landscape work)


Get it here: [APP MOD] keyboard HTC_IME (March 2: hihres v10, lowres v4) - developers xda Picaso86 asked me how I loaded the keyboard colors on the HTC apk. I sent him a pm and I thought I would leave the instructions on how I did it on my droid. Her

HTC_IME on Mytouch 3g 1.2 and browser for dolphins


Forget about HTC_IME, I just bought a better keyboard Also, I installed the dolphin browser and I can not get the pinched zoom to work, as if I put my two fingers and tried to zoom in / out (iPhone like style) and it does not matter ... an idea? I ha

Custom HTC_IME


Is it possible to install the custom HTC_IME keyboard on XDA on an Eris UNROOTÉ? Execution of 2.1 leak v2. HTC_IME Keyboard V19 | Xda-developers Thanks thanks thanks. I have missed my htc keyboard since I rooted. Sorry, I can not help you if you need