resetting variables in Excel vba


I'm trying to build a model with VBA to do some work for me. Suppose I have 4 variables - unit, lease start date, lease pa and other lease pa There is more, but it does not matter to my problem. VBA scans each row and gets the value of unit i in the

Amazon Sales Data (with Excel VBA)


I'm trying to get the result number (in the HTML code) of each keyword I'm looking for using Excel VBA. Reduce the criteria by className, id and data-asin, but it is difficult because VBA does not yet support this reference library. What this code is

Using the Columns - Excel VBA Function


I have been browsing the site for a while to answer this question, but no luck at the moment. I have this code where I go through a row of numbers and, depending on what the number is in the cell at the time, determines what I copy and pastes on the

Excel VBA - How to use the edit event to run macros?


I learn Excel VBA, so I decided to make a calculator for a game I play. I had trouble getting the edit event to run my macros. When I run the macro myself, it works fine, but when I type in cells within D3: D7 (named calc_natures1) and press Enter, n