Are all apps ready for gingerbread?


Later this month, I'm going to Moto Bionic or Razr, are all MarketPlace apps compatible with Gingerbread? Otherwise, I guess I prefer to wait. Thank you, Cyn Not necessarily, when a new operating system is released, it can cause problems and crashes

Android xamarin apk


When using the xamarin archive to create applications locally, I have 4 disks, but I only downloaded the first one to play at the store. The first package of the next 3? Check this link:

Droid X and Gingerbread


I have read the forums and look forward to hearing that Droid X may not receive the Gingerbread update due to its resolution. I still have 1 week to return my Droid X and get a phone that supports Gingerbread when it comes out. What about D2? Will an

Xperia X10 Google Talk APK's Please !?


New user! I upgraded my Xperia X10 with Telcel Carrier, downloaded z4root, I uprooted the phone, I uninstalled Moxier and Ideas Crap with Titanium and it works perfectly except for one thing. I can not install GTalk APK !! I do not know why my carrie

[Q] SGS or w8 gingerbread?


hello ppl I plan to buy Samsung Galaxy S soon, but I learned that Android gingerbread will come out soon too, so I want to ask: 1-Is it better to wait until Gingerbread is out and buy a device that already has it? if so, how much would it take? 2 - W

Samsung confirms gingerbread for all galaxy models


Here is the direct link between boys and girls: Samsung Galaxy S Android Gingerbread Confirmed, Nexus S Who? I agree. I believe it when I see it. The waiting game 2.2 is absolutely ridiculous and people think that Samsung / Tmobile will launch 2.3 on

Exploit of gingerbread root !!!


Look at this guys ............ looks like good news: C skills: delicious, GingerBreak! I'm still not clear if it works on the DX if Maybe one of you can do more, I have to go to an HOA meeting. Get the root apk here: [22.04.2011] [v1.1] GingerBreak A

Google Talk Apk.


Please help. I accidentally deleted google talk after rooting my phone and now the apps on the market will not be outdated by starting the download. I found a gtalk apk. on this forum and tried it, but after downloading using Astro Manager, Google Ta

HTC Desire HD Gingerbread is now unlocked


Hi guys, I have a HTC Desire HD that runs under 2.2. It has been locked to Three Networks that have just announced that they will not support Gingerbread. As such, I got an unlock code from that worked a lot to my amazement (although the

[Boost Mobile] ics APK


Is it possible to wear ics apks to warp and. Music, home pitcher, etc? No use ICS is a different kind of apk than gingerbread, I have already tried to install simple ICS applications like music or e-mail application and all you would get is a mistake

[ROM] GummyJAR 2.5 - 28/12/10


[ROM] Rolling Rolling Rolling GummyJAR just keep a rolling aha ... 2.5 12/28 - xda-developers I DID NOT DO IT I just state that Kejar just released his new version. From his thread on XDA: GummyJAR Stripped and oriented towards SPEED !!!! Do not inst

Create your own themes


link to the kitchen UOT Cuisine Characteristics of the kitchen: Flashing Script for Data ++ Roms (NEW!) Customizing pop-ups (NEW!) Support for odd odd roms stored Support for Roma with Sense Optional theme overview Glowing highlighting Police packs S

Personalize your phone, as you like


I've been away for a while and it seems like a lot of Micromax A70 users want to install themes (customize looks) on their A70. The easiest way to do this is to use UOT Kitchen at UOT Kitchen Feel free to customize your Android as you wish. You will

Which Android phone would you choose?


I had a Mytouch slide and I like a lot, but I'm still in my 30 days to return the phone. I started doing a lot of reading on this forum and in other places and I think I might be interested in other things. Here are the things I would prefer: Somethi