New Fresh 3.3 rom (how it looks)


Here is the Fresh 3.3 rom with the new FPS unlock. Increase battery, speed, transitions, with a new OTA update for Rom and add ons. Do not mind this battery because I use the wifi for a few hours and I killed myself ... aiha ... but with a regular us

Fresh 1.1 ROM on an unrecorded hero?


I was in a Sprint store earlier today (to reward my hero, unfortunately), and while I was coping with the display unit they had, I noticed that the user interface was A little different from mine. My reaction to the knee was that it already had the u

Fresh 2.1 Rom custom lock error


Does anyone have the same problem ... I run Fresh 2.1.1 and I like it ... I tried to lock on my phone. All vanilla do not work ... they use my phone to go into error mode. Then, rotary screen printing does not work either. Can some people tell me wha

Fresh Zodiac Fruit ROM by cedric


Fresh Zodiac Cedric Flash ROM (FZF-ROM) For cold beta ROM here: FROYO ROM FROZEN ZODIAC FRUIT HUAWEI U8100 / u8120 / u8110 | VODAFONE 845 | PULSE MINI | - xda developers FOR YUAWEI U81XX + VODAFON 845 + T-mobile PULSE MINI Functions -Android 2.1 with

Fresh 2.0b ROM - Battery


Just a question. There is a bug with the storage application on the HTC Hero for Sprint, does this bug still exist on ROM 2.0.0, 2.0b2 and 2.0c for this device, or is it acceptable to use The email application right now? thank you, Tee Jay Yes, that'

fresh lite english rom?


Hello everyone, I am looking for a Roma lite to kaiser to cook it. A cool basic speed and adapted to save energy but without tools like without navigator navigator, manilla ... just the base! Try posting here:

Just factory resets the Fresh 1.1 Rom


Do I need to reinstall Gumbo Kernel? Thank you. No ... look under the settings - on the kernel version of the phone - it should always be there 2.6.27GK-0.31 gbhil @ ubuntu is what he should say

Want flash Fresh ROM. Need advice


I have flashed my old HTC WinMo phones dozens of times without having visited, but my Evo being the thin but still thick and curvilinear lady that she is, I would like to be 100% sure to have understood this first time . There seems to be ... contrad

Restoring roms with Wallaby 5.14


I grab an XDA with faulty roms. I get diagnosis and flash SD utilities. nothing else I can blink on an SD and when I restart the flash drive the ROMs with the corrupted data. I freshly cooked a rom in the kitchen, wrote it on the SD card, but the XDA

The Fresh 1.1 icon unknown?


I have the Fresh 1.1 rom loaded for a few days. A new icon has just appeared on my status bar at the top. It looks like a phone with a few circles at the bottom of it. It is a blue icon. Does anyone know what it is? Edit: ignore. I am an idiot. It wa

ROM you tried ...


Fresh 1.1 ROM was my first rom and I'm in love with it, but I do not use it until there is a new update with kernel and so on. Modaco 2.2 with kernel, fast ... good ... pity that the question of awakened time kills him, otherwise I would use it. TTG

How do I update my rom?


I have Fresh 1.1 with Gumbo. How do I update my new to 2.0c? Do I simply drag the file to the root then the flash in recovery without doing anything else? And after doing this, should I install a newer version of gumbo or will it still be there? The

Fresh 2.0d Issues / Questions


Ok, the first thing is that the password of the lock screen has changed, it's stupid over time and must enter the password every time I remove the standby mode. The following people are synchronized from Gmail like these, but for all reasons, each ph

Fresh is Awesome


My phone was working fine on Bugless Beast .3 - not perfect, but I had no major complaints. Then the update appeared the other day, and, of course, I had to break with something that was not broken. I had not yet done Step 2 of rooting, so I spent a

Topics on fresh 3.2


Does anyone know about themes that work with Fresh 3.2? I tried to create my own and change / color in icons, but they all turn out to be a poop. I did not quite understand what you said in your last article. Get Amon Recovery> Get Fresh 3.2 Restart

Quick question with Roma and Themes


I'm running Fresh 3.2 w / Manup's rEVOlution's Theme for Sense. In Flipz Log, users using 3.2 can move to 3.3. without erasing the data. I will of course make a nandroid backup in case I am new to ROM and Theming will flash to the Fresh 3.3 ROM on RO

Backup / restore issue when flash ROMs


Now that I'm totally rooted, I'd like to experiment with some different ROMs. My problem is: I am a big user of Folder Organizer (excellent product). After initially rooting, I flashed the Fresh 3.3 ROM after a backup using Titanium, Astro File Mgr,

lost after rom flashing (newb)


Hi everybody, I'm new to rooting. This is my first Android phone. My Evo 4g has 3.7 software. I rooted the phone yesterday with unclaimed 3. He says I'm rooted. I put the Fresh 3.5 Rom on the SD card that I received from this forum or xda forums. I u