What is the best - Alpine or Wizard?


I think to replace the Alpine by an assistant for two reasons: 1. The alpine camera is a complete abortion 2. The wizard is smaller but has all the functionality of Alpine I have however a major concern: the CPU speed on the wizard is only 200Mhz, co

Get the Razr because it's here now?


I have a question and some thoughts that I would like to share with you all ... Question ... Do some of you have the Razr because it's here now? It's a pretty interesting question I would say, and even more interesting coming from a phone whore like

Razr M shortcuts lockscreen


In a handy video, I saw four shortcuts on the lockscreen. They are camera, text messages, phone and unlock. Does anyone know if it is possible to change the camera, text messages and phone shortcuts to shortcuts of my choice? Otherwise, it's a kind o

Motorola CLIQ Now Available Online!


If you are completely out of action with the plasmid, you can purchase the Motorola CLIQ from TODAY if you buy it online. Technically, this is a "pre-order", but the phone will be shipped immediately after sending the order with the retail store

Motorola Droid: Cover all day


If you forget it, and I'm sure you did not do it today, the day Verizon Wireless announces the Motorola Droid (and maybe more). You're probably managing on the web, asking you where you can get the most comprehensive coverage. Ahem. Ahem. We will cov

Did you forget the unlock pattern?


I tried the forgotten template, and I entered my email and my google password and it does not take it, but it takes on the Gmail site, does anyone have any ideas in More than one factory reset? I know my model, but I just want to have a backup just i

Low Bluetooth Stereo S9 Motorola


Does anyone know any bluetooth connectivity with the Eris? My stereo bluetooth headset is agitated even if it is a few meters from my phone. I do not know if it's the bluetooth signal from the phone or the headset. If the phone is in my pocket and I

Motorola Dext / Cliq in Mexico ...


Hi guys! New to the forum and having a major concern, I hope to get help ... I just got my Dext last week, I'm in Mexico with America Movil and I fell overall ok with the phone, but there are certainly some problems that can not be ignored: the appli

Motorola Devour could be updated soon, gained


It's easy to forget Verizon's latest phone with all the problems regarding their upcoming Droid Incredible (HTC Incredible if you're not used to the new name for now). Android Central has leaked a plane that shows that an update for Motorola Devour i

Motorola's lack of respect


Lovers of Android. I am a Motorola Cliq owner. My phone as well as the Dext, XT and Backflip are running Android 1.5. We were misled into believing that an update was on our phones. While at that time we were told that the upgrade for Cliq, which was

Should I Have Motorola Droid? Please be honest.


Hello everyone. So I have Palm Pixi Plus for Verizon and I hate myself for not having a Droid when I was lucky. With all these new Droid phones coming out and the growing popularity that Android phones now have, I will almost do anything to get my ha

Wanted: Motorola S9 ear plugs (large)


Anyone who does not use his big headphones for the Motorola S9? I'd like to buy both hats from you. Thank you! first install the "ozone" booth in the forum, or google `htc magician bluetooth stock stereo a2dp xda developers you will find the res

Bell Motorola Atrix 4g on March 17?


Bell Motorola Atrix 4g on March 17? And it is better to get the Bell version on the AT & T version because I intend to use the phone on Sasktel which shares phones with Telus and Bell. As I had an Htc desire when it updated to 2.2, the data network s

Several questions on Android and Motorola Atrix


Hello, I would like to buy a new phone and since I want it to last a while, I want it to be state of the art! Since the Motorola Atrix is ​​the only dual core phone available in the US, I focused on this one. I read some reviews about it but unfortun

Motorola will he still give up his business?


I do not know - it seems that no one really wears a Motorola Android device except for some of the Droid veterans and some people who have bought other Moto Droid and Android devices. Everyone who wants to get an Android device always seems to rely o

Motorola Flipout partition issues


I have a rooted Motorola Flipout and I partitioned my SD card with Easeus Partition Manager and downloaded Link2SD on my phone. But Link2SD does not recognize my second partition. I tried to create an ext2 and fat32 partition but it will still not wo

[B] Motorola Droid is a clipboard only? [/ B]


Hello. I have a question for anyone who might even have suggestions on this. I have a Verizon contract account. Well, a month or two ago, I sold the phone (Motorola Citrus) for both money and because it's the worst Android phone there is. I did it kn