Using Upper and Lower Fonts in iMoive - How?


Can I be told how to get tiny fonts in a title in iMovie 11? I know there have been a lot of changes with this version and it has a lot or power that I want to explore, this one made me perplexed HELP ME! Caps lock?

The missing font warning continues to appear


I imported a file from Microsoft Office. A warning that indicates that the Century font is missing appears each time. Is this a way to remove it? Remove it from the Word template you are using (styles). Otherwise, no. You can also view the AnyFont an

Fonts (Mono LCD)


Hello everyone, I'm looking for the Mono LCD font in Motion 5.3.2 but there is not. I have preinstalled with MAC OS Sierra, 373 fonts (when I click on all the fonts in the font book, I see this number). I know I can buy separately, but how can I be s

Sierra Mail Account Information Window Large Font


I have ctrl-click on the inbox of my account to view the account information to see the size of my mailboxes for a cleanup. Mailbox names are very important; It looks like a spreadsheet where you created the lines too thin and you cut your font in ha

Increase the font size the message ???


I tolerate this for years and I am finally tired as it MUST be a way to solve this problem which I am not aware of. I have configured my MacMail to use an 11-point Arial font when writing messages, which is a standard font size for letters, and so on

Missing Fonts in Keynote


I (finally) has just been upgraded from OS 10.8 to OS 10.12. Obviously, Keynote has also been improved. In an old presentation, I use the Bangla MN font. Now, when I open the new Keynote, Bangla is not a police choice. When I open Font Book, I can se

Keynote 7.2 Change font to default for White Theme?


I just updated version 7.2 (4582), and now when I create a new note, the white theme seems to use Helvetica Neue Medium, while I believe the default was Helvetica Light. Apple has actually changed this problem? It seems strange that they use a chunki

How to adjust the size FONT on Safari 10?


I use OS X 10.11.6, and I just downloaded Safari 10.0. It seems to have replaced the "minimum font size" with a "zoom" function; But there is a big problem: if I make the size of the font as large as I prefer, the page runs out of the

Installed Font Does Not Appear in Motion


Running masOS 10.12.1 and Motion 5.3 An installed and validated font does not appear in Motion - but is available in other programs such as InDesign. The font is: Stone Sans OS ITC TT I also installed another version of Stone Sans - ITC Stone Sans St

Embedded font in the epub file.


Hello, I am writing novels using ordinary pages that have been bundled with my imac and download in Amazon kdp using epub. I just found out that my readers can not change the size of the font on their e-reader when I do this. I have disabled the 'Emb