WARNING about TenFourFox (Firefox)


For those who use TenFourFox (for lack of any other option), be aware that by default, it writes "restore" and other files to your hard drive (or ssd) EVERY SECONDS, all day. These files enter the profile folder of your user library on your syst

IWork does not work on firefox


Hello I have a big problem ..... I do not like working on the Microsoft Office package. So I used this incredible product to create my document. Unfortunately, it did not work last month. Pages, Keynote, Numbers I tried to load on Firefox on Windows,

Does "CTRL + COMMAND (apple) + D" work in Firefox?


I like the shortcut of the browser dictionary (CTRL + Command [apple] + D) and I would like to use the dictionary built native in Firefox. I noticed that this only works on the first word on the web page. Has anyone found a way / plugin to get this g

Firefox Question


Hello, I hope this is the right forum for that. I transfer data between my wife's iBook and my new MBP. I have a firefox on iBook and I intend to put it on the MBP. Is there a simple way to transfer bookmarks (a library file?) Between Firefox for iBo

Safari vs Firefox


Hi everybody, I just had an MBP for the first time. When I work at work (I use a PC at work), I use Firefox as my browser (I used to use IE but I did). I was really happy with Firefox, but now that I have a Mac, I do not know what is better. Is Firef

MacBook & Firefox - Slow


Does anyone else find that Firefox works very slowly on their MacBook? I have my specifications shown below and it's not as if I had one of the lower specification machines. I recently trained and Firefox was the first thing I installed ... it was st

Custom Firefox Package - Need help, please!


OK, then my client (a school district) prefers Firefox because of the Safari issues on 10.2.8. I'm running some Intel Xserve on 10.4.9, with clients 10.4.9 and 10.2.8. I've read some publications on how to share preferences for Firefox, but alas, I'm

Windows Vista Firefox __ - How do I clear my cache?


I need to clear my cache and I run Firefox where can I do this? I need to clear my cache and I run Firefox where can I do this? Hello, Http:// Http:// But sinc

Plug-ins for Safari and Firefox


I am a new owner of MAC (in the last week, in fact), so support me ....... I had to download Firefox since I got the message that Safari did not support the new Yahoo Mail Beta. Then I decided to check the video capabilities of my MACBook Pro by goin

Mozilla firefox


Hello Can I find out why I still need to run Mozilla and eject Mozilla? Why can not Mozilla run when i launch iBook G4 automatically? Did I install it in MAC? Lately, mozilla has always had a problem. Exit automatically. What should I do? Upgrading t

Black play bar in Firefox


Hello, I use the latest Firefox on 64-bit Windows XP Pro (SP2). When I open a Quicktime movie in the browser, the movie works fine, but the game bar is all black. I do not see the volume control or the time bar of the movie. Does anyone know how to f

Firefox Mobile for Android (not iPhone)


With faster data connections and more robust hardware / software, mobile web browsing capabilities are expected to drastically improve in the new era of wireless technology. Firefox will soon inaugurate the new era with a fantastic mobile browser tha

Bring Firefox Mobile for Android


Okay. I'll just say it - I'm really keen on seeing Fennec get to Android. * Lately, I attended a few articles, watching a few videos and, subsequently, my mouth was watered. * I am not even a Firefox user (but I have some Add-0ns [...] More... I used

Firefox 3.5.6 + site problems


Firefox update this night ... now all the buttons to edit your publication do not work ... as well as other features. I have installed ABP and NOScripit, but even in safe mode (no plugins), these features do not work. Is anyone else having this probl