Launcherpro custom shortcuts?


Has anyone been lucky by making custom shortcuts in Launcherpro? The shortened forum of LP is long on requests and runs on answers / methods to make useful shortcuts. If someone has a shortcut to share it, it would be appreciated. I use shortcuts in

Firefox desktop shortcut


Firefox shortcut on my desktop. It has 0 bytes. I can not delete it. I can not replace it. It does not work. ? Now, I also notice a new folder under Users called Public that will not open. It has the big red X and says loc unavaibe. ? Ideas? Did you

how to restart firefox? (shortcut, etc.)


I want to know how can I restart Firefox faster than quitting the program and clicking the icon again. is there no shortcut or button or sth? help you Note that the "Firefox / Tools> Web Developer> Developer Toolbar" (Shift + F2) has a res

Firefox bookmark shortcut disappears from home


I carefully created about 20 bookmarks and added them to my home screen. I stopped some applications to make the battery last longer. A few days later, the device restarted s5. All firefox home screen shortcuts disappear. Question 1 what sercice do t

Can I customize Firefox keyboard shortcuts?


Is it possible to customize the keyboard and mouse shortcuts for Firefox under Linux? Or is it only available by editing the source? Thank you, I took a look at the first, but it does not create new links. The second seems more promising, but it has

Firefox keyboard shortcuts stop running osx 10.10.3


I have a Macbook Pro recently updated to OSX 10.3.3 using Firefox 37.0.1. When the computer is idle for a period of time, keyboard shortcuts (ie, Cmd + W, Cmd + Q, Cmd + T) stop responding. It only started after the recent OSX update. Anyone else not

Mozilla Firefox.Ink shortcut unavailable


Please see the attached image for more details. I am in a HP Pavilion Slimline 400-434 PC with Windows 8.1 I had to go through a "back door" to enter Internet Explorer, otherwise, I have no way on the Internet. Thank you. Did you check through t

Losing data. Firefox keyboard shortcuts?


Try to work on a web page and lose data randomly. I think it's the keyboard shortcuts that have been changed. First, Firefox changed my homepage and then the text was small. Correction of these things. Edit the web page by tapping and the cursor jump

I want a firefox browser shortcut on my desktop


I used to have a Firefox shortcut on my desktop, now it's gone and I want it. I tried doing this for over an hour. What I'm going to describe is in reference to Windows 7, so I'm not sure it will work in Windows 10, but let's try. In the Windows Sear

Can not find the Firefox opening shortcut


The shortcut to open mozilla is gone but all the files are in the folder. Hi, try this: Type Mozilla Firefox in your PC's search box, then right click on the result> Send to> Desktop (create shortcut).