firefox 6 crashes with Adobe Flash Player enabled


After the update on Firefox 6, the browser continues to crash at every instance where the flash player is triggered. I uninstalled and reinstalled both Firefox 6 and Flash Player 10.3 and I cleaned up my registry. I still have the same problem, unabl

Firefox 9.0.1 + Adobe Flash 11 blocks the PC!


Hello I just installed Firefox 9.0.1 (same behavior with FF 8), when I install the Adobe Flash 11 plugin to see any video on youtube, FF hangs up immediately when the first second of the video is loaded and more later the PC is hung Is this a bug? He

firefox does not detect Adobe Flash


I have a Dell Inspiron 3521 with Linux Mint 15 (Olivia x36-64). My Firefox is 26.0. The page says that it is Mozilla Firefox for Linux Mint - 1.0. I have the latest version of Adobe Flash installed, but my Firefox does not recognize it. It does not a