Analyze a .json column in Power BI


I want to analyze a .json column via Power BI. I imported the data directly from the server and I have a .json column in the data with other columns. Is there a way to analyze this json column? Example: Key IDNumber Module JsonResult 012 200 Dine {"C

Polykinded type composition


I have a couple of alias types that match a similar pattern: type Foo f = Bar (Qoox f) type Faa f = Bar (Qaax f) type Moo f = Fez (Rxoo f) type Maa f = Fez (Rxaa f) -- ... I want the aliases to be pointless, so I can use them by themselves. Rather th

Mysql split line field creates new columns


I have a MySQL table containing several fields; like that: id name ton dyr 1 moo FRET_GTR_HYU ra 2 maa DER_GY_TR_DB fe 3 tee SAME_IQ tete ... The question is that the content of each row of the column is independent, but they are joined with a "_&quo

The HP iPAQ rw6828 WM6 ROM update does not work


Can you tell me how to maa HP iPAQ rw6828 I downloaded the ROM provided by XDA-Developers but it says it does not support d POM I have updates from D ROM Update D HP had given .... dat is at 1.3 should i degrade n install d ROm ?? Read error as shown

Plz Donate !!! & Hp iPAQ rw6818 camera


Hey everyone Itz me Prashanth Edwin Akilis * Aii Cook ROMS for HP iPAQ rw68 Series ** these are my 2 ROMS aii hav released [Prashanth Edwin Akilis *] Consumption HP iPAQ rw6828 Stable ROMS MEdium Battery. & 08/17/08 Akilis * ROMS HP iPAQ rw6828 Stabl

Spring start does not start the rest service


I tried to simulate the RESTful web service from the spring homepage "". I am able to get the expected output for the given example, so I made a small improvement ie tried to fetch a number from the datab

Mason2 bad encoding utf8 with the method "go"


Question a bit long because AFAIK Poet / Mason2 is not the most used framework - so I try to be detailed. Two years ago, I asked a question about how to make Mason2 utf8 clean. As far as I know, there is not much news in Mason / Poet in this area - a

Why is not Kleisli an instance of Monoid?


If you want to add two functions of type (a -> mb) to get only one function of the same type by adding the two results, you can use Kleisli for this: instance (Monad m, Monoid b) => Monoid (Kleisli mab) where mempty = Kleisli (\_ -> return mempty

FanDuel NBA Lineup Optimizer


This code works without error and for the life of me I can not put my finger on why it does not return output except a "Usage:" message followed by the path to the CSV file that it should read / analyze. Any help is appreciated. salary_cap = 600

Public method access between forms


I am trying to get access to the public method of Form1 on another Form2 form as below. I have a textbox6 control on form1 and there is a public method to bind it. But I want to bind it by form2 as below. Form 1 public partial class Form1 : Form { pu