Starting spring-data-gemfire without locator running


We have a large web application in Java that uses Gemfire and spring-data-gemfire. We run gemfire in a client server configuration. We have the following problem: At startup, in the wiring phase of the bean, spring-data-gemfire wants to connect to th

Classification of event data


I start with machine learning and analytics, and my approach is to dive directly into the data and learn the methods and tools I need. I have a set of event data that records the movements of people in a room using RFID chips with unique identifiers,

Firebase Analytics: see event data


I am converting my app to use new Firebase analytics instead of Google Analytics. But I miss some key features I use in google analytics that are not there. First, when I send an event, you can add a dataset. I added a package, but where can I see th

Sensu custom parameter in event data


I would like to add custom key / value pairs to the event data in sensu. I added the keys to the definition of the event, but he is not there when he arrives at the managers. So, what I want to achieve is to have the data behind the "custom_values&qu

Genexus X Ev 3 Assign data to transaction elements


I have some problems trying to assign values ​​to my transaction attribute based on a trading component (for a foreign key transaction). If I want to allocate then, I get a spc0150 error ( Cannot update database. Changes to database are only allowed

The event does not fire when running as a service


I have an event that works very well in test mode, but does not fire when I run the code as a service. Before posting the code, let me give some structure to the application, because I think that's where the problem arises. I have a tray application

No data access after you run the Registry Wizard


Hi everybody, Excuse me if this is covered somewhere and I missed it, but I'm in a bit of pickle here. After you run the Registry Wizard for the first time, I suddenly do not have access to the data. I have not changed anything to do with the GPRS ne

Which JDK Do Spring Data modules should be run?


My application will run in a Java JVM Java 7. What is the most recent version of Spring-Data-JPA compatible with Java 7? Can not find it here or here. I use Spring-Data-Jpa 1.8.0 and my application runs in Java Java JVM. If you check the reference fo

JQuery custom event data (subscription and trigger)


I try to understand how I can set arguments for custom events. How do I set an argument when I subscribe to the event, and then add additional data when I trigger an event. I have a simple JS to test, but in the e parameter of "handle", I see on