Why Elastic Beanstalk No longer Works?


I am completely new to the AWS and have successfully deployed my Java program to Elastic Beanstalk. First 30 minutes or sometimes even 6 hours, it works very well. But later, I always received a message: "The health of the environment has gone from O

Unable to deploy Spring Boot War to Elastic Beanstalk


I'm trying to deploy a Spring Boot application (which works locally) to EB and it seems to get into something in the pom file, but I can not refine it. Running Tomcat8, Java 8. I could get a simpler version with deployed deleted dependencies, but it

Some images do not load Elastic Beanstalk Php


I have just deployed my first Elastic Beanstalk application on AWS. It is a simple PHP application and, for the most part, everything works. However, some of my images are not loaded (404s). This seems a bit random because half the images work, and t

to customize Elastic Beanstalk instances


We are deploying a Java Web application in Elastic Beanstalk. By default, Beanstalk provides Redhat instances with Tomcat7 and openjdk. But I want to customize the instances so that I can use Sunjdk. I launched a new instance of EC2 and installed sun

AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tomcat - High Memory Usage


I t2.nano (512 MB RAM) Elastic Beanstalk instance, but even after rebooting (application servers) and only a few requests, I start to receive 93 % of memory is in use. warnings, then the instance stops responding until it restarts itself. When I rest

Docker Elastic Beanstalk with Amazon CloudWatch


I have an Elastic Beanstalk application deployed with a Docker container. The application itself is a Java application. My goal is to get the logs at Cloudwatch. In particular I would like to get the file stdouterr.log to Cloudwatch. The file can be

Elastic beanstalk fails to create


I'm trying to run beanstalk with java installed on it very quickly. So, what I'm doing is just opening the beanstalk console and after creating the application, I create the environment and in the pre-configuration environment I chose Java. Then, aft

Start Spring with Opencv on Elastic Beanstalk


I have a Spring startup application packaged as WAR that uses OpenCV for image processing and I would like to run it on Elastic Beanstalk (Tomcat environment). Is there a way to package it with native Opencv libraries? Everything works fine on my loc