Android: EditText with syntax highlighting


How to EditText with syntax highlighting? There are ready solutions? The HTML tags to insert as it seems to me, is not the best option, the application will slow down. Can you use it like that. editText.addTextChangedListener(new TextWatcher() { fina

What syntax highlighter does Chrome use?


Chrome / Chromium has a syntax highlighter in the inspector that displays black text when scrolling, and highlights after a while - unlike Firefox Web Developer Toolbar, which highlights and can take a long time . Since the inspector is written in js

Broken Eclipse syntax highlighting behavior for PHP


The first syntax highlighting when opening files looks good, but after editing a few lines, the highlighter of the syntax fails: FYI I also use Eclipse Theme Plugin. An idea? Updated (Feb 20, 2011): Here's the unloved bug problem. Update (July 1, 201

QPainter colored text (syntax highlighting)


I have a custom Qt widget that I used to display disassembly and I want to add syntax highlighting. At the moment, I just configure QPen as a solid color, build the text I want to display and I QPainter to the QPainter at the appropriate coordinates.

Change Textmate syntax highlighting?


I recently started working with Objective-C in Textmate and noticed that the highlighting syntax is rather bad (a comment is the same color as a variable declaration). I have never done any syntax highlighting the changes in Textmate and have trouble

Xcode: the code loses syntax highlighting


I find that in various situations, the Objective-C code in Xcode 3.1 (Leopard) may not get the proper syntax highlighting after typing or losing the coloring it had. It's not just a "refresh" problem with new custom symbols - but it also affects

Text editor with syntax highlighting?


Hello, I'm looking for a text editor with syntax highlighting (eg C ++, MATLAB, LaTeX, etc.) for my Diamond, but I did not have much luck on Google. Thank you The only one I know is cKe. I have not tested it

How to disable syntax highlighting in


Is it possible to disable syntax highlighting in I searched a bit and I ended up creating my own syntax package (, but there may be a better way. NB: I just want to disable syntax highligh

syntax highlighting for the sublime reaction code


I started writing basic React code in sublime text. This is what my syntax highlighting looks like. It is partly highlighted. Is there a sublime plugin suggested that I can use to see a complete syntax highlighting? import React, { Component } from '