Rikaline GPS - 6033


I can not get the Rikaline 6033 to work with my O2 Xda Exec. It covers itself as if the devices do not agree. Is it a problem to know? I had the GPS working with my PC, but I do not agree with my PC to use it as a GPS So I know the GPS unit is workin

The Rikaline GPS receiver does not work on XDA?


Hello, I connected a mouse from the Rikaline GPS 6010 receiver to my XDA and I installed TomTom4. The driver for the receiver is installed, but the receiver is not recognized. It seems to be installed on COM4, ​​but can not run in TomTom. Can someone



Hi everybody, I have an XDA (not ii) and I try to connect it to the rikaline gps 6010-x5. For some reason, the XDA does not recognize the GPS. I installed all the drivers and I did as the manufacturer indicated. Can anyone help me with this problem?

XDA2s <> TomTom <> receiver Rikaline GPS 6010 for


Hi everybody, I have an XDA2 with Tomtom v 3.07 (build 422) and a receiver Rikaline GPS 6010. For some reason, they do not work well together! I need to reset, change behavior and do other things for Tomtom and the receiver to lock on the satellites.

Rikaline GPS 6010 freezes operating system


I installed TomTom3 and a Rikaline GPS 6010 mouse on my XDA, but as soon as I start TomTom GPS, the system almost freezes and I have to perform a soft reset. Can anyone advise me what to do? :? If bluetooth is enabled and gps is connected ok then the

Is GPS Intermediary Driver Broken in the New AKU?


Since the release of WM5 AKU2 forward, MS has provided a GPS interconnect driver (GPSID) that allows sharing GPS signals between applications. This is controlled by the GPS control panel (which must be enabled in the register in some devices). The CP

How do I download the GPS log?


I can not find a relevant thread, so I thought I would just ask the question ... Is there a way to download the GPS log from my D810? I know this issue is probably not limited to that model, but that's what I understood. I was traveling off-road on t

Using Powershell to download files from Google Drive


So, I am currently trying to find a quick fix to download files from Google Drive (shared files, not the files I own) to a location on a server / network drive. I used: $client = new-object System.Net.WebClient $client.Credentials = Get-Credential $c

Rikaline GPS Receiver Problems


Help us I try to use the GPS receiver Rikaline 6010 with O2 XDA PDA / Phone Rom Version 3.17.03 ENG Radio 4.21.00 I successfully installed the drivers and USB tools. When I run comno.exe, the PAD account indicates that the COM port for the driver is

How to save downloads to an external drive


As my netbook is not connected to the network, I have to do many downloads that I download on the desktop then I want to transfer the files on the netbook How to proceed? Provided the netbook has a USB port, you can transfer files between the systems