Does the DocuSign API support Google Analytics?


I have a funnel that jumps onto DocuSign halfway through, then goes back to my site. Analytics correctly reports this as an "output", but I want the DocuSign step to be included in my funnel. Does DocuSign support tracking multiple domains with

Expiration of the Docusign Integrated Signature


We tried to use Embedded Signing with our Docusign integration so that clients do not receive e-mail with each envelope sent to them, but they connect to a portal that contains links to documents to be signed customers do not have e-mail address even

Integrate DocuSign using RestAPI


I am trying to implement the integrated DocuSign signature. I am a little successful with few things left. Without a developer account, it is not possible to use the API, is it? I have both a professional account and a free account. Then I created a

SOAP DocuSign API - Custom Tab - Optional Text Field


We set up the document to have an optional text field. We use the DocuSign SOAP API. We added the tab configuration, with an anchor chain, to specify the details of the custom text box. The text box appears in the document, but it is always required

Getting your Docusign sandbox


So I tried to get my DocuSign Sandbox today, but the process had a problem requiring me to contact DocuSign support. I spoke with two DocuSign support representatives, one of whom told me to access StackOverflow for help setting up a DocuSign Sandbox

DocuSign REST C # API Service Reference


I am trying to add the service reference to Visual Studio for the REST API. The demo URL provided by a DocuSign support engineer is as follows. But when I try to add it, I get the following error. Do I need to add

Apply Ajax to the REST DocuSign REST API?


I try to get login_information from login_information of users using Docusign. The specified Integrator Key was not found or is disabled. An Integrator key was not specified. " We need to automate the signing of documents in the 365 office, so we hav

Docusign | In-Person Salesforce Signature for iPhone


I understand that in-person signing is not supported by the action of the Docusign publisher in Salesforce1 because of a lack of screen rotation. However, it seems to be supported by the iOS app Docusign for the iPhone. I am interested to see if ther

Error uploading to the Docusign API


After developing in the sandbox, we got our api key approved and promoted to a live account. Since then we have received the following answer - reply: { "errorCode": "ACCOUNT_LACKS_PERMISSIONS", "message": "This account

Saved Docusign PDF documents are released corrupted


I created a listening page that receives the webhooks from Docusign. Everything works to pull data from the webhook, but when I browse the DocumentPDF, it creates the PDF files but they are corrupt and can not be opened (when I try to open it in Acro