Delphi, Direct2D, TBitmap and Transparency


I do not care if I can draw a TBitmap with transparency on TDirect2DCanvas without losing transparency. Having created a TBitmap that serves as a back-buffer for the drawing operation as follows: bmp := TBitmap.Create; bmp.Canvas.Brush.Handle := 0; b

Delphi and WM5


I was looking for an answer for a few months, and I'm confused right now ... The question is: would it be possible to develop an application for WM5 using Delphi, if so, what version of delphi I need, what kind of additions and all the information im

Firefox Direct2D still has no problems with fonts.

2011-08-17 - Go with D2D enabled and see how the text exceeds the tables. Just visit one of the links on my page to the left and see how it affects each of my pages. A few months ago, when Firefox 4 was released, I made a publication

Delphi-FastReport VCL 5 Conditional highlighting


I have read this manual and I am following it, but the highlighting does not work. That I have? Create a new VCL application. Delete the TEdit and TButton components in the form (To pass the value). Submit a TfrxReport report on the form. Open the re

Types of pointers that are incompatible with Direct2D


I'm trying to write a small small game engine in C using Direct2D. I do not use the Windows C compiler; but instead of using MinGW. However, while using C statements for ID2D1HwndRenderTarget I have this error: graphics.c:45:37: warning: passing argu

TCP netstat ipv4 / ipv6 to Delphi


I try to "duplicate" netstat for Delphi and I encountered a few questions: This is my code so far: program NetstatExample; {$APPTYPE CONSOLE} uses Windows, Winsock2; const TCP_TABLE_OWNER_PID_ALL = 5; ANY_SIZE = 1; type TCP_TABLE_CLASS = Integer

Delphi: "Incompatible types Integer and extended"


I am currently experiencing the problem of not being able to divide my ClientWidth by 2 (or multiply by 0.5 because of the error message Delphi gives me: [Error] Unit1.pas(59): Incompatible types: 'Integer' and 'Extended' [Error] Unit1.pas(60): Incom

Disconnected Recordset / Dataset for Delphi


I have a 3-level application written in Delphi 7 that uses a SOAP server based on WebBroker (stand-alone Exe) with the SOAP client program that is transmitted via a HTTPRIO component. This is not a DataSnap application. Instead, the server sends data