Chrono Trigger with Snes9x Ex


I am having trouble catching the rat in Arris' dome using the touch screen as I think I will have to give up and wait for the official release of the game on Android. Is there anyway that I can get around this part of the game and just enter the corr

Chrono Trigger 3 press the button for any SNES Emu?


I recently tried the lighter versions of SNESoid and SNESator ... I found that SNESator seemed to work faster and smoother on my phone, so I bought it. I bought it just about to play Chrono Trigger. There is a part in Chrono Trigger where the passwor

Chrono Trigger release date?


News about when the Android Chrono Trigger port will arrive? It's already out for iPhone and I believe for Android in Japan. And yes, I know I can just download an SNES emulator, but the official port will (hopefully) be optimized and it has the addi

SNESoid + Chrono Trigger Issue (Spoiler Warning!)


I'm in the dome of Arris and I got the password from the rat. When I go to the computer, I hit R + L + A, as the rat says, but nothing happens. Can SNESoid not handle so many simultaneous button presses or something? Does anyone have experience with

Why I feel that the Droid X is the best phone I have.


The purpose of this thread is to share with all my experience with my phone. I've been upgraded from a BlackBerry Curve. The first reason I think the Motorola Droid X was a good buy is how easy it is to do things. It can do anything I want a mobile d

Sinesoid Multi-Touch Trouble


Hey I'm a little new here, but I have not found any thread that has addressed this problem. I use Snesoid on my Droid X and it works very well but the problem I have is that I can not use more than 2 buttons at a time. I know that Multi-Touch is made

IT'S HERE!!! SNesoid !!!! (SNES Emu)


I just wanted to start letting people know that there is a Super Nintendo Emulator in development for Android. The demo should be in June. Most internal internal elements are complete, just finish the rest of the graphics engine. Check out my website

Some RPG games?


Does anyone recommend a good RPG on the Droid? Let me know, thank you. Maybe not at your convenience, but there is a MMORPG for the Droid: Http:// Otherwise, download the old SNES

Gamepad (MicroUSB or Bluetooth) for Incredible?


I have tried to ask this elsewhere, but it seems likely that this forum does not get answers on this subject. I was wondering if anyone knew of the Incredible gamepad solutions? I love my ROMs, but playing A Link to Past (and other SNES) games on a t

SuperGNES and Snesoid will not save the game


I have a HTC Evo and I was playing Chrono Trigger on SuperGnes. I saved the game and if I reset the game, the backups will remain there but when I load another game and I return to Chrono Trigger, the recorded games are gone ... the same goes with Sn

Emulation - What do you use?


I tried the snes emulator and I could not make sure that zelda runs it ... is there a reason why it works like a shit on my mda ... maybe, Maybe i do not use the right version of snes or maybe i dont have a good rom even ... I have upgraded it and I

Recording in SNesoid Lite


I want to start by saying that I have been looking for this, and I have not yet found an answer. I have a problem with saving my progress in SNesoid Lite. I downloaded Chrono Trigger today, and I played for a while. I saved the game in the game menu,

SNES emulation speed


I thought of a HTC P4350 (Herald) lately, but the only thing that holds me back is the 200 MHz OMAP 850 TI processor. What I'm interested in discovering before making the purchase is how well the 200MHz processor handles SNES emulation. Because I pla

Problems with Snesoid and PSX4DROID on Nexus One


I use Snesoid and PS4DROID to play the RPGs of the old school on my Nexus One and a recurring problem was when Hold X worked as in FF7 or Chrono Trigger, about every 20 to 30 seconds or so it pressed on triangle automatically and brings the game menu

Make it fall! Oh oh oh oh!! (myns warm 2.2)


So I use Fresh 3.3, I liked it, but I went to myns warm because it boasted very good visuals, a more pleasant feel that I do not use now, and I like the font customized. Also, the big thing was the wired attachment haxked, which only works with 3g, s

SNES9xJ4U - The fastest SNES WM emulator to date.


I finally found a copy of the SNES emulator running the sweetest to date, it has bugs though, and needs to be translated. If I post it, will anyone work on it? firebrand mmdaa .. Nope. I spent a lot of time with ~ 15 versions of all types of SNES emu