Has anyone had beautiful wallpapers Android for PC?


Has anyone created beautiful Android wallpapers for PC? I'm looking for something like that in 1680 x 1050, at least. Thank you! Discover this thread: I found this one by performing a

Where are the wallpapers?


Just download a beautiful Wallpaper Widget called swichwallpaper. This works fine, but the stock is not bad, but how I place my own wallpapers in the wallpapers of phones NOT my picture file. I used the file manager ASTRO but I can not use the folder

What program do you use to create wallpapers?


Just curious to see the programs that people use to create wallpapers for the Hero. I use a program called Android Converter. It is a converter of music, video and wallpaper in one. I guess it does work in terms of creating wallpapers, but you lose a

Technical question on the wallpapers


So I read a lot on the wallpapers, but one thing always throws me. I size a desktop image, or download a pre-cast that is the size specified for Droid desktops. 960x800. However, when I try to use them on my Droid, I still want to crop the image with

More Wallpapers for Eris / Hero


I downloaded a bunch of wallpapers on Flickr. Some are 1024x793, but resize on the Eris very well, others are 620x480. Use them whatever you want for free, let me know what you think. al Thanks for posting ... Post sent to forum Eris

Android Wallpapers, plus gimp template


I made some wallpapers for my new motorola droid. I also made a template for gimp which helps them make them just ... black bar up and down where the menus are, and some little droids hang out in a light overlay .... model: Megaupload Here are a few

Does anyone have wallpapers looping?


I was wondering if anyone knows where I can download wallpapers loop. I manage Home ++ Beta and the home screen loops, ie I can switch from screen 1> 2> 3> 4> 1> 2 ... etc. So if I use ordinary wallpapers, if they do not buckle, I'll see a

Music and wallpapers


Can anyone tell me where I would find wallpapers and songs "out of the box"? Also, where to place them? I suppose somewhere on the SD card. Thank you. The preinstalled is on the phone itself, not on the memory card. As for adding more wallpapers

Selecting wallpapers forces me to crop them


I've uploaded images that I'd like to use as wallpapers - when viewed in Album mode, they take the size of the screen in terms of size and ratio. They have been specially designed for the Hero screen. However, by selecting it in the wallpaper, it for

Get wallpapers on a theme?


Is there a way to get the wallpaper on a theme? Some of the themes have a good wallpaper, but I do not care about the icons. I looked at both my SD card and the files on the internal memory, but I can not find the appropriate files. Obviously, if one

Wallpapers and icons


I thought I would start a thread (by Caddyman suggestion) for those who create wallpapers or icons that wish to share with the community. PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A SON TO REQUEST ICONS OR PARAPLES. USE YOUR OWN WAYS TO DO THIS. The intention of this

Animated wallpapers Nexus on Droid


Ok, I was able to get live wallpapers live on ROM 2.1 (Nexus not only works). Disclaimer: This can be brick and should only be done if you know what you are doing and are willing to take the risk, I am not responsible for your actions. Instructions.

Nexus One Wallpapers


Did a search but did not see anything. Does anyone know if the live wallpapers that Nexus owns are available for other Android phones? I know they will not be interactive, but some of them (like that of Galaxy) look great and I was hoping to find a n

Want to do wallpapers


Well, I'm very new to this forum again ... I found it on google once I got my droid eris. I made a lot of wallpapers for my cell and well, I would like to share my talents with computer graphics. I have used adobe photoshop for 10 years. If you want

Animated wallpapers maybe ... with 2.1


I was just wondering if anyone was thinking about the 2.1 update, this could give us droid owners and nexus one ppl a similar animated wallpaper option like on the hd2 ... just a thought .. Would like to hear what people think HTC has no patents on a

Android Wallpapers - Graffiti-ish ...


Hello everyone, I mentioned some wallpapers that give the Android a graffiti type feel. Enjoy. Android Wallpapers I love them, I try to rotate the wallpaper as everyday, so I'm sure yours will get a spin on my phone, thanks!

Wallpapers HTC Droid Eris?


Does anyone know of a website that has good wallpapers for Eris? Ok, it makes me crazy ... I downloaded a lot of wallpapers using the Backgrounds application. I saved them on my SD card, but they do not show up under Albums. I tried to convert the .j