Is the Mini better suited for women?


My girlfriend is looking for a PocketPC, in terms of ergonomics, would you say that this model is better for women? Some of the women do not like to disturb with a complicated ****, all they want is to make calls, receive and schedule, etc. Any phone

Droid and Hot Sexy Women


Do Droid phones attract hot sexy women as owners or is it too wide? I think it's not small enough for them. I went to see my nephew and his daughter in December. For Christmas, there was a DROID under the tree for her. She comes today to see what I h

Where are the Android women? Let's stay together


Women there with Android? I feel like I'm the only one sometimes ... What phone do you have and what Twitter account I will follow! I had my Droid for about 3 weeks. I love it but I regret not to go with the iphone. I'm really disappointed with the l

Android must market in women


Do you think we're going to see Android marketing mature a bit in a more neutral style of advertising in terms of genre? At the moment, it seems that the ads for Android phones are all robotic-y, digital-y, "cool" ... from the point of view of a

MS Voice Command - Can not Hear Women Speak


Hello, I can no longer hear women talking when I click my button to activate the voice command. The microphone icon shows and if I give it a command it works, but I can not hear if women are asking for simple things like the composition of the mobile

"Topless" Women's Rights?


Men Wear Bras So Women Can Go Topless What do you think? Women for the GoTopless group are fighting for women to go in feathers, and they are legal. Note: the women in the video presented by TIME Magazine wear "nipple covers" I do not know. I th

Runkeeper bug query; breast arm for women etc ...


Some queries (one already on the runkeeper support forum, but I thought I would see if it was "my phone" or a runkeeper bug). 1) Runkeeper and GPS do not work properly when my phone is in a case (a good silicon will not break if it drops it off)

Droid for Women


I discovered the other day that I am eligible for a very good discount with Verizon through my work, and I thought it would be a good time to get my wife on the smartphone car. The question is, which one? The amazing? The Droid X? The Droid 2? It see

Men vs Women


An interesting article on how women prefer the iPhone and men prefer an Android. I let you make your own conclusions The battle of American smartphones is getting warmer: what is the "most desired" operating system? | Nielsen Wire FP Tech Desk:

Wallpaper for women not "women"


Someone posted a link to wallpapers that would appeal to women among us. I clicked on it and found beautiful wallpapers and thought that I had marked it. I lost it and I can not find the post after doing several searches. TIA Why do not you just look

Women, the best existing firewall


Women, the best freaking firewall in the world A human cell contains 75 MB of genetic information. A sperm contains half of that; or 37.5 MB. One ml of sperm contains 100 million sperm. On average, ejaculation lasts 5 seconds and contains 2.25 ml of

Women's Rights in the Middle East


How can genuine democracy exclude women? Meltdown: women are harassed, attacked in Tahrir Square during the International Hot Air Festival CAIRO (AP) Click to enlarge ... But during the salem witch trials, it was the society of the city that accused

Are there any women registered on this site?


Are there real ladies? Just curious... I saw nicks who seemed girls but I think if the girls come here This is to solve a problem and then they continue with their lives Those who find themselves are most often men of a certain geek perseverance: P

Some women are so thoughtful


Cops: Woman Crashes Car Shaving Her Privates - ABC News "She said she was meeting her boyfriend in Key West and wanted to be ready for the visit," Dunick told Key West Citizen. " "The sixth time his license has been suspended." Re