Colorful appendices


Is there a software (free) that allows me to color the different types of appointments for pocket prospects? Tia Apply for free to Get Honor's new phone Honor 8 Pro Mini-Review: a Copycat design with excellent hardware and software problems we've bee

D3, nested appendices and data streams


I am finally learning D3 and I came across a problem that I could not find an answer. I'm not sure if my question is because I do not think idiomically in the library, or if it's because of a procedure that I'm currently aware of. I should also menti

Are the ADFS 2.0 / SAML appendices in ASP.NET sticky?


We use an ASP.NET 4.6 application with ADFS 2.0. The configuration of the ADF part of web.config was created via FedUtil.exe. We now have the problem that a second instance of the Web application still thinks that the user is not authenticated. auth



Does anyone know XDA III available? or buy? Thank you Handy PDA with Expandable Keyboard Handy PDA with Keyboard and WLAN: MDA III With MDA t-mobile wants to offer a new version of the Handy PDA combination successful at III from September. The succe

Cross all fingers!


Hopefully everything works with wm2k5 for our magicians, so that we can rest in peace: P Guys, I do not think it's necessary to make buzz. I'm sure he had more than an hour after saying "I'll help you test it". You know the guy works as fast as

golang: Insert into a sorted slice


What is the most effective way to insert an element into a sorted slice? I tried several things, but everything ended up using at least 2 appendices, which, if I understand, makes a new copy of the slice If the slice has enough capacity, there is no

shell, modify the output of the script to csv


I currently have a shell script with a section of code running remote shell commands as follows: grep -v "^[ ]*#" ${CONFIG_FILE} | while read SERVER USER LOGDIR do { echo "Stats for" $date echo "${USER}" echo "iTunes:&qu

REST Web Services and HTTP Verbs


What is the minimum number of HTTP verbs that a server should allow for a Web service to be classified as RESTful? What if my host does not allow PUT and DELETE ? Is this really important, can I live happily with just GET and POST ? Update: Thanks fo

How to make an HTML page in A4 format (paper format)?


Is it possible to behave an HTML page, for example, as an A4 size page in MS Word? Essentially, I want to be able to display the HTML page in the browser and describe the content in the dimensions of an A4 size page. For the sake of simplicity, I ass

Guide and list of the final C ++ book


This question tries to collect the few pearls among the dozens of bad C ++ books published each year. Unlike many other programming languages, often supported by tutorials found on the Internet, few are able to quickly pick up C ++ without having stu

Haskell: Lists, Arrays, Vectors, Sequences


I learn Haskell and I read a few articles about the differences in performance of Haskell lists and tables (insert the languages ​​of your language). As a learner, I simply use lists without even thinking about the difference in performance. I recent

New tilt with comments and some questions


Try the new Tilt with BlackBerry Connect. The BBC works well, but when the security policy has been loaded and the password activated, the password screen has a reduced background back, making it impossible to see in the sunlight and almost impossibl

Help with calendar problems, etc.


I'm not even sure I'm in the right place to ask for help, but I'm sure someone is going to direct me. I went from a Palm to a Droid and I hate it. I downloaded the calendar from Jorte because the stock was worthless to me - just frustrating. Now that