Amazon Prime Video App


Any new upgrade for amazon prime video application. Updates? There is no application to update. If you are looking for a subscription to old movies and similar, NetFlix offers good service on Apple TV.

Create ePub for iBooks and Amazon


I found a popular library reference that is in the public domain and has never been converted into an epub. I want to learn how to create an ebook, but I would like to try to sell it both on iBooks and Amazon. My question: Is there a way to streamlin

Anyway to remove applications like Amazon, etc.?


Is it possible to delete applications that I know of? I will never use what came preinstalled? I will never use Amazon mp3 I think if you use the Bender file application and navigate to the file, you could delete it from there. I have not tried it wi

Amazon MP3 Application Where Is It?


I've had my G1 for about a week now and I'm in love, it's the best mobile I've owned on the 21 lol Anyway I wonder where the Amazon mp3 thingy I read in the comments that it was preinstalled but I can not see it and it does not seem to be available i

T-Mobile G1: $ 98 at Amazon!


If you want the best possible deal on the T-Mobile G1, you should head to Amazon where they currently sell the only US Android phone for only $ 98! It costs $ 179.99 if you buy it directly from T-Mobile, which is a HECK of a transaction. How do they

Amazon T-mobile G1 issue ..


If I buy my G1 with and I have problems such as grilled screen or just faulty anyway ... Would I send it to T-mobile or ?? I bought a Blackberry through a third party retailer before and when I had warranty issues, I called T-Mo

HTC Hero Pre-order at Amazon UK!


Want a HTC Hero dedicated to be used in the UK? You can now pre-order the HTC Hero at for the 15th of July! It is listed for Wow, that's good news! I just had a magic that is great, but this one seems to address any inconvenience I've foun

Download books from Amazon?


I do not know where to publish this, but is it possible to download Amazon books to read on Android? Thank you.. Mark Amazon Kindle Reader is a cross-platform application and an account can connect to multiple devices and synchronize with each other

XDA / iMate to Amazon


Particularly relevant for those who are not in the UK or OZ: Have you noticed that has gotten more accessories for XDA and XDA II in recent weeks? In fact, I bought my iMate from Amazon for about $ 750. Earlier this month (this was after t

You browse this at droid? The Amazon is a shit!


Yeah, the amazon ad on the left prevents me from clicking on one of the posts horizontally depending on the ad right. Obviously, the browser's fault. Does anyone else see this? I have not seen the ad you are talking about, but administrators know tha

Adding Amazon to this forum sucks!


Half of the stuff you click opens this powerful addition! I even used the pad d on the keyboard to select page 2 at the bottom of the page and it always opened Amazon. Someone on this forum gets a rebound from Amazon. Thank you for listening (or read

Great deal at the Amazon


Currently, Amazon sells the time for $ 80. They also say that Sprint will pay your activation fee of $ 36 if you buy it on November 23rd. * New 2 year contract required. Worth every penny. Has anyone bought a cell phone on before? I called

Rerouted to amazon?


Why do I keep being sent to the Amazon? It seems that every time I try to open a multipage thread on page 2 or later, I get to Is this just me? I zoom in and I do my best to hit the small number or the "last page". Can I block the Am

3 Free MP3s from Amazon


Amazon offers 3 MP3 downloads for 1. Click here to see the offer 2. Use the MP34FREE code to get a $ 3 discount for any MP3 ** found this offer on ** Thank you. I checked my account after using it and shows a $ 3 discount, so it works.

Amazon Black Friday Week lacks Android, the rub


Over the past year, Amazon has had some really good deals on Android phones, starting when they were offering a $ 98 T-Mobile G1 when the carrier itself was still selling for $ 179.99. I was very excited to see what Amazon would have had in terms of

Amazon Gift Cards


I plan to jump to buy digital music. As much technician as I am, I always buy CDs. So pull me, I like to have the physical collection, I finally thought that I could also give some pictures online. However, I know for the fact that I refuse to buy so