Get Amazon MP3 to work in Hero


Has anyone been able to make Amazon MP3 work? If I press .apk and .odex of any version in system / sd / app or system / sd / app-private, this causes a start loop. Installing the version without an odex file results in forced closing. Anyone know how

HTC Hero Pre-order at Amazon UK!


Want a HTC Hero dedicated to be used in the UK? You can now pre-order the HTC Hero at for the 15th of July! It is listed for Wow, that's good news! I just had a magic that is great, but this one seems to address any inconvenience I've foun

Mp3 Tag in HTC Hero


Hi everybody, I tried to download music (organized in iTunes) by doubleTwist on my new HTC Hero. All ok on the download, but some files, in Hero player (also other players downloaded on the market), shows "Unknown Album" and "Unknown Artist

HTC Hero Mp3 pasted on the screen lock


For some reason, my mp3 application is blocked on my lock. I tried to set a new wallpaper lock, but it is still there. Should it be eliminated? If you leave the music application normally, I do not see how this can happen - this was discussed before

* Amazon MP3 app constantly forces close *


I tried to download mp3 with Amazon's mp3 application but it did not open. I have to force every time I try to open it. It lasts about a month now. Now I normally delete the application and reinstall it, but it can not be deleted. Does anyone else ex

Kernal HTC Hero Update (!?!)


HTC tweeted - "All those who ask for the nucleus of Hero, I listen, Unfortunately, I can not share anything just now, I ask your patience. Twitter / HTC: Everyone who asks ... Chegs. Ok, I'm looking for the General, ha, what is the Kernel? I can see

HTC Hero: tips, tricks and useful applications [v1.6]


ADVICE TO THE READER: I moved the guide to my blog to allow me to keep it up to date, the latest version can be found at the following address: Http:// The best way to contact me is via Twitter here (le3

Questions from a new HTC Hero user


My Christmas present this year ... the HTC Hero. Very happy so far. However, because neither my husband (he has a Palm Pre) and I already had an Android, I have some questions that he can not answer. So excuse the simplicity of my questions 1)) What

HTC HERO ANDROID 2.1 Custom OS and ROM released


HERO 2.1 Http:// Http:// GSM HERO ONLY MAKE - Fix the market - Fix the contact - Accelerating things V1.2 (temporarily) - Some applications have been

Video Store for HTC Hero?


Is there a store / application similar to the amazon mp3 application, so that movies are bought on the hero of HTC? In other words ... My question is quite simple ... I want to download / buy movies to watch on my phone ... do not really care to rip



Hello! I just wanted to say Luv my HTC Hero! I find useful tips on some threads here. Of course, you-tube stuff, but I have to say that everyone here seems very helpful and ready to advise us for beginners. I am addicted to the market, so addicted th

Help me to dread my HTC Hero today, please ....


I would like to approach my phone now and explore what it can do. Maybe there is not much I can expect, but I will not know what to do until I do it and I get familiar with it. So I was wondering if anyone could help me and tell me the best / perhaps

HTC Hero Error Message BIG PROBLEM


Hello everyone, First my head turn up now what I encountered a problem with my HTC hero that I had for about six months. I allowed someone to root my HTC hero about a month ago. They did a great job doing it, I can add. I have installed many applicat

ingrained, now youtube keeps forcing closed


Sprint htc hero, z4roote now when I go to YouTube, he goes to the vidio loading screen, and then force closed. I took the battery, went to the application. Capture captured. It was not that. Please help Download Rom Manager - I'm 99% sure he has a pe

Qteknology HTC HERO PORT by OrangeUK Dump


[ROM] 29/07 - Qteknology HTC HERO PORT of OrangeUK Dump [] 32b + Compcache just this blink is the sapphire thread, it should work on ours too it reports what happens in 3 min about to blink Ok started ok