Laravel 5 migration error


I used migration with a database. Then I deleted this database and created a new one. Then I created migration files from the terminal via php artisan make:migration create_users . Then I came back and tried to run the migration and he threw the foll

Laravel road: list error


Sometimes when I try to get a list of routes using the channel console php artisan route:list I advance this error: [ErrorException] Trying to get property of non-object then I have to check all my controllers to find the source of trouble if I was l

Laravel 4 - Capture errors


It seems that it is not possible to enter the errors yourself, without having to get the error output Laravel 4. For example, if I try: $databaseConfig = Config::get('database.connections.mysql'); $connect = mysql_connect($databaseConfig['host'], $da

Multiple Ajax PUTs in Laravel 4 Giving errors


I upgrade my model via a resource controller via jQuery Ajax Put. No problem for the first time. That works well: $(".addNest").click(function() { var nid = msg; //once the LI is added, we grab the return value which is the nest ID var name = $(

Laravel 5 Road Error


I am new to Laravel 5.4 so I have to call these 2 functions in one view. here are the 2 controllers. public function index() { $items = trainingprogramedetails::all()->last(); return view('programesession/index',compact('items')); } public function l

Laravel 5.2 Error Message Not Displayed


I have encountered some answers, but the problem for mine is still not fixed. I just made a new application and found out that the error message on the registration page does not show up at all. I followed some answers that I found on this site as be

Laravel 4 bootstrap error


This is the error I get after everything is installed: These are the steps I did to install. Download XAMPP Command terminal opened from the root user: git clone -b develop git:// L4_site Change L4_site cd directory Crea

Laravel and blade error


I receive this error Trying to get property of non-object (View: /home/yash/website/resources/views/gamesover.blade.php) I have a table of users and a table of games and both have their respective models as well as the user and Gamesover. Now in the

laravel eloquent relationships error


Basically, I try to create a relationship between the user, the post and the DB response. Here are the models: comment template belongsTo('App\Eloquent\User', 'user_id'); } public function reply() { return $this->hasOne('App\Eloquent\reply', 'post_id

Laravel 5.2 error mailgun bad request


I am currently working on an application based on Laravel 5.2. I need to send an email with the reset password to the user and I use the mailgun. Everything works well when I send an email to the mail on which the mailgun is registered. But it fails