Kernel Panic


Hello gentlemen Someone help me with this nightmare I bought this Power Mac G5 late 2005 on eBay with an encrypted hard drive OS X 10.4.11 So I deleted the hard drive and wiped it with a disk removal software, and after that I used another Apple Comp

IMac G5 kernel panic-firmware reset / reinstalled?


I have an iMac G5 Power PC (1.8 GHz) running with 10.5 (most recent update). During the last 30 days, the following occurred: 1) the power supply unit has become bad (again), and there have been several instances of collision (with explosion-proof fa

Kernel panic / crash log read?


Hello, my Mac Pro 2008 has been restarted alone for a few weeks now. This is the last crash log but I do not know how to read it. Any help, please? Please publish the panic of the kernel (if there are more than 1, post some of the newest as separate

Kernel Panic Help?


I keep the kernel panic reboots, the whole deals with a blinking question mark. I'm almost always at Safari when this happens. Can anyone help me decipher if this is going to be a material issue (my hypothesis / fear) or something else? Thank you in



My new 2013 MacBook Pro refurbished constantly includes kernel panics and restarts accordingly. I have done an EtreCheck on this subject. I thought at first that it was a little boost. I uninstalled in vain. However, I see that my processes "waves&qu

Kernel Panic and MacBook Pro do not start Windows


Hello, My MacBook Pro 2008 which has MacOS (60Gb) and Windows 7 (200Gb) with a 250Gb SSD has stopped booting the Windows three to four days back. The original drive was replaced by SSD about a few years ago. It had a black screen. It seemed that some

Kernel panic when installing xx 10.4 on ibook g4


I get a kernel panic whenever I try to install OS X 10.4 Tiger on an ibook g4. I set the disk to zero and I repaired it with Disk Utility before reinstalling, but I still get panic from the kernel. I do not know if I need a new hard drive or how to d

Kernel Panic After the last security update


Hello everyone! I just reopened my G4 to decipher a few cds to my new iPod 80gb and I thought I would make the security updates ... bad choice. After applying the latest Mac update, it said it needed a reboot, after resetting, I was thrown into a ker

Kernel panic and modified permissions on secure.log


I see the gray screen of death, almost every day several times ... it's as reliable as using Windows Ideas ... thanks for your help. - - - Check permissions for "Macintosh HD" Determine the correct file permissions. The permissions differ on ./p

EMac Kernel Panics after update (10.4.10 update)


I work as a local administrator of computers in a high school class to begin with. We have three eMacs with PowerPC processors of 700 MHz and 512 MB of RAM each. We also have three Linux thin clients running Ubuntu and GNOME, and a half-configured Wi

Unresolved kernel hatch vr. 10.4.10


Panic (cpu 0 caller 0x001A4A55): Unresolved kernel hatch (CPU 0, Type 14 = page fault), registers: CR0: 0x8001003b, CR2: 0x4aebdf4d, CR3: 0x00de2000, CR4: 0x000006e0 EAX: 0x4aebdf1d, EBX: 0x00000003, ECX: 0x474f3980, EDX: 0x087fc300 CR2: 0x4aebdf4d,

Get useful information after a kernel panic?


Today, I found my machine with all the fans exploding and the gray square telling me to close (kernel panic?). I'm pretty sure he's asleep before that. Anyway, is it useful to extract useful information about one of the system logs or elsewhere about

Kernel panic using dummynet since 10.4.9


Hello, I used dummynet to control my stream upstream without a problem for a long time. But as soon as I upgraded to 10.4.9, I have kernel panics. I can confirm that this is what causes the problem because I only get kernel panics when I use this Uni

Question about USB kernel battery Android


Hello, I try to debug and understand USB communication occurring in a USB device (as opposed to a USB host that is a PC). I am thinking about choosing the Android phone HTC G1 to see if I can change the Linux kernel on it and overwhelm the USB commun

CNET Huawei U8230 Video!


The Huawei U8230 was announced to CommunicAsia and John Chan of Crave at CNET had the opportunity to make a quick video of the hardware. The phone was a prototype, so the Android software was not currently on the phone, which gives the 2nd half of 20

HTC Hero Kernel Source Code released!


If you are the type who likes the root of your device, change it, just feel it and feel really in the support of Android, then you will be happy to know that HTC has just released the HTC Hero source code Kernel on its developer website. This is extr

Source code Hero Kernel Published by HTC


HTC - Developer Center I know there's another thread out there, but if somebody wants to keep us up to date on how it selectively affects Sprint Heroes, that would be great. The HTC Kernel source code has been published according to the requirements

10.4.10 Update and Kernel Panics


My MacBook was absolutely correct on 10.4.9, after upgrading to 10.4.10 I lived: - About 5 or 6 panic kernels in two days - Wireless connectivity would fail once every 5-10 minutes; The airport icon would always indicate that I was connected, but I c

Huawei U8230 Rated: No Pulse but Live and Kickin


The T-Mobile Pulse was manufactured as Huawei U8220, but we heard about the U8230 well before all this. So where is it now? Apparently, it was in the hands of the people of Pointgphone who had the pleasure to see the aircraft again with the permissio