How to import 1Password passwords on Firefox ...


I can not believe this has ever been asked before --- How do I get my 1Password password file on Firefox? You will want the opposite ... Firefox passwords in 1 Password The FF password database is not the safest * ahem * Use 1pass as it was designed

Does the new Firefox 8 work with 1Password?


The latest version of Firefox 8 does not seem to work with 1Password 1Password works with Firefox 8. - follow the instructions on the 1password website. You may need to open the download with Firefox, as it will not happen automatically. Check it in

why 1password does not work with Firefox 28.0.1


I downloaded the latest version according to the February 2014 post of it does not work. I just started using and I LOVE 1Password, now it does not work! Help us. The specific site you have linked is fo

When will Firefox 36 for Mac support 1Password 5.0?


I can use 1Password 4.2 as an add-on but not 5.0 and both are not compatible. hi boogeyone, it works the opposite - each addon contains a manifest file that specifies its compatibility (for example: XY addon is compatible with firefox versions 28. *