the text is reversed - how can I correct


when entering text in the browser or in the search field, the text is inverted. If I enter information with reverse text, I can go where I have to go. However, it is really painful to write everything that is written so that it can be reversed. Example of text entry: car sync, translation appeared as cnys rac

Yes, I use the latest version of Mozilla. In addition, everything worked status quo and the problem began about an hour later.

The answer

This occurs if the cursor does not access when you enter a character that causes existing characters to move to the right.

Have you tried to close and restart Firefox?

In the past, such problems have been reported as being caused by a Java plugin that runs an applet in a Firefox tab.
You can set all plugins to "Ask to activate" on the "Firefox / Tools> Add-ons> Plugins" page to test this.

Start Firefox in Safe Mode to check if any of the extensions (Firefox / Tools> Add-ons> Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem.

Switch to DEFAULT theme: Firefox / Tools> Add-ons> Appearance
DO NOT click the Reset button in the boot window of safe mode