What is the Rest API Rate Limit?


What is the Flow Limit API in Rest? he mentioned in an ERP software API documentation like this. request has a flow limit of 10 times per minute This means that only one user can not send more than 10 requests per minute to this API.

Make a synchronous call with $ resource in angularjs


I am new to angularjs . After creating some projects with the web service resting I was stuck at some point. So please help me solve these problems. I read the difference between $resource and $http from AngularJs $ resource vs $ http My problem is t

Communication between REST endpoint instances


A client connects to a JAX-RS endpoint to retrieve data. This endpoint uses an EJB to access the database and execute the logic, and then returns the data to the endpoint. Client <----> Rest Endpoint <----> EJB Before the data can be returned

Jasper server Report Service


I have JSESSIONID I receive from JasperReports Server RestAPI POST call. How can I use this session ID for future Report Service API calls? I am using the REST API. Can someone give me a sample or source code or solution for that. I do not want to cr

Different between the SOAP URL and the REST URL


Currently, I'm using Axis2 to create a REST API. And I'm confused about the difference between a SOAP style URL and a REST style URL. Can someone explain that? For example, for a server API written in Java like this: package; public cla

Reply with a json for a relaxing Spring Web Service


I have a Spring MVC based webservice that responds with the list of all products. Currently, I have all the data to go back in a list of a bean. List results = jdbcTemplate.query("select * from Prods", new RowMapper () { @Override public ProdBea

The REST exception needs the constructor


I have a rest web service, it returns objects from a FoodItem class that does not have an empty public constructor. However, it contains another constructor that is not an empty parameter. I had this exception May 15, 2013 11:06:50 PM com.sun.jersey.

jasper Rest client - uuid not found in session


I have to code a PHP frontend for my Jasper reports. I could connect to the server, authenticate and see the repositories using jasper REST calls. However, when I try to access a report, I get the following error in the body of the response: Report n

Java - NullPointerException when getting JSONObject


I'm trying to implement a login feature in my Android app using Lukencode's RestClient class. I have a class named UserFunctions to retrieve JSONObject via RestClient: public class UserFunctions { private RestClient restClient; private String json; p

Spring RestTemplate timeout


I want to set the connection timeouts for a rest service used by my web application. I'm using Spring's RestTemplate to talk to my service. I did some research and found and used the xml below (in my xml application) which I believe is meant to set t

Why do we need RESTful web services?


I am going to learn RESTful web services (it is better to say that I will have to do this because it is part of the CS master program). I read some information on Wikipedia and I also read an article about REST at the Sun Developer Network and I see