Azure Service Fabric Restoration


I have a Service Fabric application. Let's say, version 1.0.0. I am deploying an update in version 2.0.0. All is well. Later, I want to go back (or update from your perspective) to version 1.0.0. I want to run a simple PS script to restore. I know th

Why is Azure Key Vault secure?


Why or how is Azure Key Vault secure? I need to store the URI and Client Id and Secret Client keys on the server, so if someone grants access to the server on which the application is hosted, he will be able to access the keys and secrets stored in t

Azure Key-vault Encryption


We want to use Azure Key Vault to store our sensitive key in Azure Key Vault and use the stored sensitive key to encrypt our text / text data before sending it to the service. The service interacts again with the Azure Key vault, retrieves the sensit

Defining Keys in Azure Key Vault without PowerShell


How to define secrets in Azure Key Vault, without using PowerShell. We use Azure Key Vault to securely store connection strings and other application secrets. We're able to add secrets using PowerShell scripts, but I was wondering if there was anothe

Messages in the Azure Service Bus queue are blocked


I recently created partitioned queues from where I send and receive all the time. They have worked as unpartitioned in the past without any of my current problems. The problem is, I have a constant number of messages in the queue that I can not recei

Request / Response Email Template - Azure Service Bus


All , I have a doubt about the answer template Request ... Suppose the following is my scenario 1. I have a service running Windows Azure. This service can be called by users to execute a command. 2. I have a client application running on my intranet