SlideScreen on the Desire


Hello, is anyone using SlideScreen on HTC Desire?

I like the Sense UI home screen, but I think it could give me more of what I want - updates for everything without too much wasted space. Information at a glance.

I'm new to Android and I guess I want to know if installing Slide Screen, can I enrich my phone and will not be able to come back to Sense ??

Is it possible that I could add the slide screen in one of the Sense home screens?

The answer

You will not be able to use meaning anymore. When you install a slideshow screen and press the Home button, it will ask you if you want to set a default value. If you select the slideshow screen as the default, and then press the Home button from then on, will only bring you to the sliding screen.

To return to the meaning, you can access the settings> manage applications and remove the default option under sliding screen. Or simply uninstall the slip screen and the direction will be again as default.

The sliding screen is a replacement for the home screens sense, so I do not think you can use it in any of the home screen senses.