Seo Quake does not work on Firefox 5


I installed version 2.7.2 of Seoquake on Firefox 5 is displayed, but when I realize, the information does not appear, no functionality below the page, what should I do?

The answer

Hi guys,

The OK help is at hand, it's just hidden, that's what you're doing:

Normal version.

(The top left corner of the Firefox browser - A menu should appear)

1 Click the Orange Firefox button

(Slightly to the right - Do not click! Or you will miss all this celestial glory ... !!!)

2 Pass the top! "Options" in the context menu

3 Now, go over it and click "Add to Toolbar" in the submenu

4 Now you should see the SEO Quake button at the bottom right!

Profi Version

Use the Follwing key combo:

Ctrl + /


Zak Chen